Christmas present distribution to elderly

The winter holidays can be a lonely time for many, especially the elderly in care homes. Isolated from their families and loved ones, they often crave human interaction and find happiness in seeing visitors.

Earlier this week, volunteers from our team set out on a mission to deliver Christmas presents to the residents of our local elderly care home and West Middlesex Hospital. These presents included gloves, hats, socks, lip balm and other essentials for the winter season. The pure joy on the faces of the residents when receiving their gifts was priceless!

Sonia, 102 years old, couldn’t hold back her tears as she gave her blessings to the volunteers. Despite being a dementia patient and struggling to communicate through words, the tender movement of her hands said more than words ever could.

 We learned about the colourful past that Sonia had as a primary school teacher in the 1950s, before immigrating to the UK with her 5 children. Sadly, she was neglected by her family in 2003 and has, since, been living in a care home.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been delivering presents to the elderly care home annually since 2017, and we intend to keep doing so in the future Insha’Allah! We believe that no one should be left alone at a time of celebration, especially the elderly.
Indeed ‘The reward of goodness is nothing but goodness’. (Quran 55:61)

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