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Providing expert health care free of charge for the needy

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s specialist eye hospital in Lahore, Pakistan is one of a kind, providing expert healthcare free of cost for those most in need. We are currently serving 200 patients every single day. At our hospital, we work with world-class doctors and treat a whole range of eye health conditions, truly benefiting vulnerable people living in poverty.

Serving 200 patients daily we are in urgent need for more hospitals

We know that around the world, 2.2. billion people have a visual impairment – that’s a quarter of the world’s population. It is estimated that 75% of all blindness is avoidable. That means millions of people around the world are needlessly blind because they can’t get simple surgery or treatment that could save their sight. And too often, if you live in a poor community, like over half the population does in Pakistan, who do not know how to support those with blindness, going blind means losing your chance to go to school, earn a living or live independently. In poorer communities, those with disabilities or visual impairments are often isolated, neglected and treated as outsiders. It is difficult for those in poorer communities to understand how to empower and include those that are blind into society. It is also can be difficult to create adjustments and changes within society to provide ease to those struggling.

This is why we have established our first Eye Hospital in the district of Punjab in Pakistan. We seek to make eyecare free for those who need it, and available to everyone. Our long-term vision is to be able to build more hospitals around the world, saving sight, restoring hope and transforming lives. 

Inside our hospital

Qualified eye specialist doctors, surgeons and techniques provide excellent medical care and conduct cataract surgeries, helping to restore sight of hundreds of people each day. Our hospital is fully-equipped with excellent medical machinery and equipment including a Retinoscope, Lensometry, A-Scan, Operating microscope and a 78-D lens. We have over 17 members of qualified staff.

At our hospital, we take our eye camps one step further. While our eye camps will continue and are brilliant in saving sight, we are often dependent on weather, season and location. While our services are good, we are unable to operate on children or provide specialist support that is sometimes required. At our hospital, we can offer tailored support with expert medical professionals and treat complex cases. Our hospital also means that patients are welcome to visit us whenever they need help. This means that we can treat blindness earlier on, preventing longer-lasting damage and wider impact.

The Story of Muhammad Ashfaq

Muhammad Ashfaq is a retired school security guard who has five children. I lives with his wife and son. For 2 years he was having difficulty with his vision, but had nowhere to turn to for help. Muhammad Ashfaq feared being a burden on his family. He had worked for 30 years, but now was unable to do anything. He told us:

“One shopkeeper in my street told me about free eye surgeries in AMWT’s hospital, initially I couldn’t believe that how any hospital can do 100% free surgery but then I asked my wife to come with me to the hospital and Alhumdulillah we had great experience here. They treated my right eye and I will come again after 3-4 months for left eye InshaAllah.

Before having this surgery, I was always thinking that now I will have my rest of the life without sight but even at this age I got hope to live just because of my eye surgery. Now I can read Quran, read newspapers, work and spend time with my loved ones.”

At our hospital, we continually seek to change the lives of people like Muhammad Ashfaq. Join us today.

“I will keep you all in my prayers IA, you people changed my life and gave me reason/hope to live. May Allah accept all your efforts and give reward to all your donors and supporter.” Says Muhammad Ashfaq.

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