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Good health is one of the most valuable things in life, yet sadly, countless people around the world simply do not have access to the medical supplies and facilities they need in order to remain healthy. Whether it is a treatment for preventable disease, emergency medical assistance, or healthcare for a new mother and baby, access to medical care is essential throughout life. 

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is fully committed to providing much-needed medicine, medical supplies, and healthcare to some of the most disadvantaged, impoverished people across the world. From helping to deliver kidney dialysis treatment to supporting those in need of prosthetics, charity and generosity can help to provide a lifeline to vulnerable people in their time of need.

However, we can’t continue without the kind support of our donors. Please give what you can and help us donate artificial limbs, run blood donation camps, and keep offering support to those struggling with the effects of conditions like thalassemia. Sometimes, a simple procedure or course of treatment can provide long-lasting health benefits for many years into the future. 

Discover how your donations can help those in need below.

Kidney Dialysis Treatment

We provide free dialysis for those with advanced kidney failure, helping vulnerable people who are suffering overcome the burden of financial worries on top of ill health.

Key Statistics


Increase in death rates in 2013 from chronic kidney disease


People in Pakistan are suffering from various forms of kidney diseases


Pakistani’s die of kidney failure each year


Transplantation Centres in Pakistan


Formally trained Nephrologists in Pakistan for a population of 160 million compared to 5000 in USA for a population of 300 million


Thalassemia is a hereditary condition which reduces the amount of haemoglobin in the body. The condition can lead to anaemia, which if left untreated, can worsen and become critical. At Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we work to provide vital support to people who have been diagnosed with thalassemia, helping to improve their quality of life and show them how to manage their condition.

Thalassemia Facts


In Pakistan, 6,000 children each year are born with Thalassemia Major


70% of those children die before the age of 10


90% of these children come from low-income families

Blood Donation Camps

Only 4% of the world’s population has given blood, leaving a staggering 96% reliant on those donations. 

In Pakistan, the average annual requirement for blood is around 1.5 million bags. To help meet this demand, we organise blood camps every month in different cities within Pakistan, with more than 38,000 registered donors around the country. It takes just one pint of blood to save up to three lives - imagine how far donations from just one camp can go? 

While we encourage everyone to register as a blood donor, we especially focus on encouraging the young and explain how their donation can help save someone’s life. 

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust also provides free blood to medical patients in times of urgent need, especially to thalassemia and dialysis patients.

Artificial Limbs

We understand how difficult life can be for those who are suffering from the loss of a limb. Whether it is due to disease, an accident, or amputation, the effects of losing a limb are often long-lasting and can also be incredibly traumatic. 

As a result of this, we are committed to providing an essential support network for people who are suffering from the loss of a limb. We also work to provide access to medical care and prosthetic limbs, doing what we can to improve the quality of life for those who are living with the effects of losing a limb. 

In Pakistan, the number of patients requiring prosthetic limbs has increased over the last six years. However, there is a stigma surrounding disability in this part of the world, and Pakistani people with disabilities often struggle to integrate effectively into their local communities. 

However, this stigma does not comply with the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith, where we are taught that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah (SWT). This means that the disabled should be held in the same regard as the able-bodied. In fact, the Holy Qur’an narrates that the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) assisted disabled followers to allow them to attend prayers.

Make Your Donation Count

As Muslims, it is our duty to help those less fortunate than ourselves, yet there are also many rewards that can be gained from giving to charity. Prosthetic limbs, kidney dialysis, and blood donation camps can all transform the lives of vulnerable people – and when you donate with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, you will be actively helping to change lives. 

Helping us to provide essential healthcare and artificial limbs to those suffering from the loss of a limb will bring long-lasting rewards. Whether you are giving to help us donate a prosthetic leg or support someone who has been diagnosed with a life-changing condition, you will be helping us to provide a better future for these vulnerable people in need. 

From thalassemia to blood donation camps to prosthetics, charity in the UK can help our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is committed to improving the health of vulnerable people around the world. With your generous support, we can actively improve the quality of life for people who are suffering.

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