Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is on a mission: aiding the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners grappling with the harsh reality of life behind bars.

Approximately 1 in 3 adults who have been released from prison, reoffend and end up back in prison. Prison populations are among the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups in society, which is why many return to a life of crime. People have often been away from their communities and society for months and years, causing isolation, rejection and a lack of support. With a criminal record, a gap on their CVs and a lack of skills, accessing jobs and support is extremely difficult.

Our new Prison Rehabilitation Project is aimed at supporting prisoners in starting afresh. We’re providing skills trainings and workshops where people can improve their CVs. We’re also supporting those prisoners who have embraced Islam, providing them with fundamental knowledge and support to fully practise their new faith.

We believe that by providing these essential services, we’ll help more people build a life away from crime, and help them access opportunities they need to thrive.

The Prisoner Project is more than just reform; it signifies transformation, a ray of hope, and a catalyst for change for the prisoners.

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Key Initiatives & Goals

1.Building a Bridge

Our focus is to empower these prisoners, many of them under the age of 25, with essential life skills. We do this through our bespoke workshops, covering crucial areas like CV preparation and personal statement writing. Each of these sessions is designed with the aim of fostering resilience and independence among the prisoners, preparing them for a successful journey post-incarceration.

2.Cultivating Faith

Understanding the solace and strength faith provides during challenging times, we are dedicated to spiritual enrichment. We offer faith-based courses, including Basic Quran Reading Classes, Salah Reading and Understanding, and The Adhan Course. Tailored for those who have found Islam while incarcerated, these courses cater to their spiritual needs and limited access to religious education.

3.Nurturing Hope

At Al Mustafa Welfare, we acknowledge the emotional burden prison life can impose. To counteract this, we organise festive celebrations, provide gifts and meals, all aimed at fostering a sense of community. 'Talks of Hope and Remaining Calm' serve as our beacon of positivity, instilling strength, resilience, and a hopeful perspective.

4.Sustaining Support

We recognize that the journey doesn't end with release from prison. Life post-incarceration presents a different set of challenges. To this end, we've launched a unique initiative offering mentoring and support beyond the confines of the prison. Our commitment to our mission continues, accompanying each individual on their path to rehabilitation.

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