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Giving a person with visual impairment, a Quran Reading Pen is truly a wonderful gift and an act of sadaqah jariyah. Imparting knowledge is an important part of faith, and these pens ensure that even those who struggle with their eyesight’s are able to increase their faith and knowledge of Islam. With every word read, you will receive reward upon reward, insha’Allah. Not being able to read the Qur’an makes people feel isolated and spiritually weak. You can help change that.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is leading the fight against blindness globally. We take eye camps to impoverished and far-flung areas, providing life-changing, quality eye care that restore sight and give people control of their lives again. By saving and restoring sight, we help people return to work and education, to embrace their loved ones and to be upstanding, active members of their communities. We have delivered over 123,000 cataract eye surgeries, which are simple but important procedures that can help cure blindness. For those living in poverty, accessing the right quality eyecare can be impossible, but we are determined to change that. One of the reasons why we are committed to saving sight is to help ensure people are still able to read the Qur’an. Reading the words of Allah (swt) is important to every Muslim and being unable to do so due to poor sight is devastating. This is why we also offer digital Quran Reading Pens to those with visual impairments or blindness. These pens help them read the Qur’an.

Our Qur’an Reading Pens, when placed upon a word or ayah in the Qur’an, read aloud the word or ayah. They also provide translations and tafseer of the Qur’an, and so can provide those who are unable to see well, excellent spiritual connection to the words of Allah (swt). The pens are very easy to use, and have headphone jacks so those using them can do so in public places and with ease. The volume can be easily adjusted, and the pens are very efficient. They really provide additional support to those who long for greater connection to the Qur’an, but whose eyesight cause some issues.

Help the young and the old struggling with their sight in impoverished communities in Pakistan, Gaza, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Gambia, Sudan, Kenya and Sri Lanka - Donate a Qur’an Reading Pen today.

Zakat Applicable

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