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There Are Nearly 153 Million Orphaned Children In The World.

Many go hungry, living in dangerous conditions with no one to protect them. Without a mother or father to care of them, these children have become susceptible to abuse, neglect and many forms of exploitation. Many orphans are unfortunately exposed to extreme violence, as well as psychological and emotional distress after losing one or both of their parents.

Our orphan sponsorship program maintains a carefully developed approach to supporting orphans through every step of their growth and helping them overcome the hardships of their past.

Orphan charity is a very special form of charity. The Prophet (saw) himself was orphaned from an early age, and because of this looks kindly on those who takes the time to care for orphaned children.

Save a child today, by helping to care for an orphan for just £28 a month.

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Sponsorship includes course fees, daily meals, healthcare and accommodation for the specific duration.

Your donation will


Sponsorship includes course fees, daily meals, healthcare and accommodation for the specific duration.

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Help maintain the running of an orphanage for one month.


We will allocate a child for orphan sponsorship based on their circumstances and priority criteria. 

Our donors receive full details and pictures of the orphan they are sponsoring. You can extend your sponsorship each year and will be notified when your first year comes to an end. You will be provided with regular report updates on the sponsored child’s health, education and personal well-being status. Some of our orphans also love to write letters to their donors!

We provide a high-quality education to all orphans we support, with the aim of encouraging each child to achieve their dreams and break cycles of poverty. They attend some of the best schools in their locality, with expert teaches and quality equipment and books. Education is the cornerstone of our Orphan Project.

The welfare and wellbeing of these children is always at the core of everything we do. We work to ensure every child we help grows up happy, healthy and well cared for. When care for an orphan with us, your support provides that child with all they need to flourish and grow such as healthcare, a quality education, food and clothing.


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For orphan girls, without the necessary care and support in place, their futures are at risk. They become vulnerable to early marriages, abuse, forced labour and are often unable to go to school.

Our Orphan Projects give you the chance to support an orphan girl, and give her the life she deserves. We want to help girls thrive, and not just survive, because we know that when women thrive, entire nations do too.

We always focus on safety and protection, ensuring they are safe, and providing girls with the knowledge and skills to combat abuse and mistreatment. We empower them and give them platforms to stand up against wrongdoing against them by the law, the state, their family, and the local community.


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Children achieved A+ in annual exams


Children achieved A+ at district level


Supporting  Orphanages


Sarmin Begum's story

Growing up in the rural area of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

A place where women and girls are dependent on men for their livelihood, Sarmin Begum never once dreamt that she would one day be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

Sarmin, an orphan girl, lived with her mum and four siblings - who all tragically lost their father not long before. Following support from the Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Orphan Sponsorship Programme, along with encouragement from her mother, Sarmin overcame many obstacles to gain a decent education.

Walking 8km daily to Shah Jalal Latifia School, she attended open air lessons in all weather conditions, scrambling with her classmates for the few textbooks that were available to study from.

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Abu Bakar's Story

The eldest of five siblings, Abu Bakar lost his father in a road accident when he was just eight years old. 

Along with his brother, three sisters, and young widowed mother, the family had no other choice than to leave the peace and harmony of their own home. Instead, the situation forced them to live in a very conservative joint family, becoming totally reliant on the provisions and assistance of their family and neighbours.

Abu Bakar was in grade four when he left school. He was a very bright and enthusiastic student, but after the tragedy, the whole family lost all hope of a better future.

He said, “It is really heart-choking when people treat us with their leftovers and with a sense of pride for them, in it. We are losing our self-esteem and dignity. We only need sympathy and support in these hard time from all of you, in order to make our way out.”

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Maherbano Ramzan is a 10-year-old orphan

A girl who lives in a remote village with her widowed mother, two sisters, and brother.

Her father died three years ago when she was very young. The family could never have foreseen that they would soon lose what little they had.

Maherbano Ramzan’s widowed mother started working as a labourer in order to feed her traumatised young children. Her wages are meagre and life is very harsh, but the family are thankful that they at least have a roof over their heads.

Maherbano Ramzan was in grade three when she left school after her father's tragic death. After being orphaned, school and basic education were a far-off dream for Maherbano Ramzan and her siblings - until Al Mustafa Welfare Trust staff came to their village.

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