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Learning the teachings of the Qur’an is a vital component of the Islamic faith. But despite this, thousands of vulnerable children and orphans across the world are deprived of their right to an education. In addition, many of these children must begin to earn a living and contribute to their family when they are still very young. 

We are committed to empowering children from underprivileged families and offering them a Qur’anic education through our Hifz Sponsorship Programme. This provides them with the opportunity to read and understand the Holy Qur’an, as well as providing a rudimentary secular education. Our Hifz sponsorship programme provide children with food, shelter and healthcare thanks to the generous contributions of our donors. Since the sponsorship program began, we have helped hundreds of children complete their Hifz studies. 

How to Sponsor a Hafiz with us

On average, it takes several years for children to complete their studies, and throughout the duration of the scheme, our donors are given regular feedback on their child’s progress. 

The programme is a perfect example of Sadaqah Jariyah; sponsor a Hafiz and join our generous donors in reaping the rewards of ongoing generosity. Not only does the sponsorship programme help to tackle poverty, but it also provides access to education for disadvantaged or impoverished children who may not otherwise get the opportunity to learn. 

Faith is a vital part of life for many of these vulnerable people, helping to bond communities and inspire personal development. We understand just how important faith is, which is why we are committed to empowering future generations through the provision of Qur’anic education. 




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Hafiz sponsorship stories

Muhammed Waseem

Muhammad Waseem was only a one-year-old toddler when he lost his father to the Kashmir earthquake in 2005. His mother, who was left to fend for herself and her three children alone, had absolutely no source of income and soon enough, they became homeless. It was two years later that Al Mustafa Welfare Trust found Muhammed Waseem and his family. The children were severely undernourished and their mother was desperate to save them from destitution.

In April 2007, Waseem received a Hafiz Sponsorship and was admitted into our local orphanage school, Al Mustafa Trust. In the care of our dedicated orphanage staff, Waseem is currently learning the Holy Qur’an while also receiving a decent education

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Ismail Raza

Ten-year-old Ismail Raza lost his father at the age of six, along with his brother and two elder sisters. The bereaved young family were left oppressed and miserable. Adding to the family's problems, his young widowed mother's in-laws did not allow her to work outside to feed and support her young children. Instead, the vulnerable family has to rely on the assistance and provisions given to them by others. 

The family's dreams were shattered and misery took over their lives. Ismail Raza was a very intelligent and enthusiastic student, but he was only in grade one when he had to leave school.

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Mohammad Umer

10-year-old Mohammad Umer has four sisters and two brothers, and his parents are struggling to meet their basic daily needs. Selling fruit on a food cart is his father's only source of income and his mother has to eke out a living with odd jobs to financially support her husband and try to lessen the widened circle of poverty for their family.

Due to the financial crisis in Pakistan, their parents couldn’t send them to school. Despite Mohammad Umer's talents, dreams, and his keen desire to learn, he said that, "such situations make it difficult to dream, if reality is so horrible then how can one dream. Thinking about future depressed me a lot."

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what your sponsorship will provide

Donate Today and Teach the Next Generation

It takes just £15 per month to give the gift of education to a child at one of our Hafiz schools. 

A single donation of £180 will provide one child with an entire year of Islamic education. 

£540 enables a child to attend Hifz school for three years – the time taken to complete the programme of study. 

In addition, each donation also covers the cost of food, healthcare, and accommodation for the sponsored child. Your generosity won’t just provide the promise of a brighter future – it will also ensure a safe haven for a child currently in need.

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