10-year-old Mohammad Umer has four sisters and two brothers, and his parents are struggling to meet their basic daily needs. Selling fruit on a food cart is his father's only source of income and his mother has to eke out a living with odd jobs to financially support her husband and try to lessen the widened circle of poverty for their family.

Due to the financial crisis in Pakistan, their parents couldn’t send them to school. Despite Mohammad Umer's talents, dreams, and his keen desire to learn, he said that, "such situations make it difficult to dream, if reality is so horrible then how can one dream. Thinking about future depressed me a lot."

His parents came to know about Al Mustafa Welfare Trust's Hafiz sponsorship programme through a family member. They found that it was a ray of hope to give their child an education and ease the family's burden.

Mohammad Umer could never have imagined that he could get so much more than an education through his sponsorship. In addition to education, he received a roof over his head, routine meals, clothing, psychosocial support and an opportunity to gain skills that would help him give his family a brighter future.

“AMWT sponsorship is a glitter of hope Crossing into my life.”

Mohammad Umer has already memorised the Holy Quran while pursuing a primary school education. He is studious and demonstrated intelligence and a keen resolve. He is now enrolled for an extensive ALIM course.

By acquiring light and hope, he challenged difficulty and is positive about the future. His dream is to “educate my siblings and to take care of my parents and to protect their life and dignity. I’m grateful to my generous donors who helped me in this hour of need."

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