Here at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we aim to help as many less fortunate children around the world as we possibly can with your continuous support and generosity. We don’t just focus on helping orphaned children - we also focus on helping children who are in need.

One of the most precious things that we can give a child is the gift of education and in Islam, what better way to gift a child than with a decent Islamic education?

As little as 50p a day can make such a big difference to a child’s future. Your donation goes towards nutrition, safety, education, healthcare, privacy, clothing, annual gifts and even pocket money! These children move on to become pioneers of their community, earning themselves and their loved ones a better quality of life. 

Case Study: Muhammed Waseem

Muhammad Waseem was only a one-year-old toddler when he lost his father to the Kashmir earthquake in 2005. His mother, who was left to fend for herself and her three children alone, had absolutely no source of income and soon enough, they became homeless. It was two years later that Al Mustafa Welfare Trust found Muhammed Waseem and his family. The children were severely undernourished and their mother was desperate to save them from destitution.

In April 2007, Waseem received a Hafiz Sponsorship and was admitted into our local orphanage school, Al Mustafa Trust. In the care of our dedicated orphanage staff, Waseem is currently learning the Holy Qur’an while also receiving a decent education.

Waseem’s teachers are often moved by his good nature and his motivation to learn, along with the enthusiasm he puts into his studies. At such a young age, he feels the weight of responsibility towards his mother and siblings – their hope for a better future is riding on him.

Please sponsor a Hafiz today and help us to get more children like Muhammad Waseem off the streets and into classrooms instead.

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