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Education is an essential part of life. From understanding the basics of reading, writing, and numbers through to learning vital life skills, education happens every day of our lives. However, some of the most important lessons are learned at school – a supportive, encouraging environment where knowledge can be imparted to eager young minds.

This is why we are committed to championing education on a global basis, helping disadvantaged children attend school. With your generous support, we can build a school and enable children living in some of the most remote, isolated communities to attend lessons and break free from the cycle of poverty.

In the developed world, many of us take education for granted, but thousands of children around the world would do anything to have the same level of access to education that we enjoy and often take for granted. Due to the devastating effects of poverty, conflict, and natural disasters, there are countless young people in the developing world who simply do not have the means to go to school and learn.

Why is Education So Important?

Here at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we believe that education is a vital way to help break the cycle of poverty which affects so many people around the world.

Education provides the building blocks needed to learn not only the basics but also the essential life skills necessary to actively work towards a brighter future. We are all learning every day of our lives, and education is the catalyst that can inspire greater change and a chance to break free from poverty.

Building a school is just one of the many ways in which we can work to champion education and promote essential life skills for young people around the world. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is committed to supporting children and improving access to education for all.

Help Us Build A School

Sadly, education is still one of the most underfunded segments of humanitarian aid – but we aspire to change that. Our team work tirelessly to support vulnerable people in need by providing essential access to education wherever possible.

We are also proud to support several schools in Gaza, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In addition, we support hundreds of disadvantaged pupils each year as part of our Mission Possible campaign. The programme operates by providing children with essential school supplies such as stationery, books, and school bags, as well as staffing the schools with a dedicated, committed team of volunteers.

When we build a school, our enthusiastic team of architects and builders will be on hand to oversee the construction of the project. Many of our new school buildings are constructed on hilly or mountainous terrain, requiring careful thought and proper planning to ensure the project goes according to plan, so this team is essential to ensure the build is finished safely.

Can Zakat Be Given to Build a School?

Helping to fund the construction of a school is an act of Sadaqah Jariyah. Building a school is a rewarding act of charity, and every child who is able to attend the school and receive an education will then go on to forge a brighter future. This will lead to increased reward for the donor, multiplied long after the school has been built.

So, can you pay Zakat for building a school? When you donate to our Build a School appeal, you can choose to allocate your donation as a Zakat payment, Sadaqah Jariyah, or a general charitable donation. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust will ensure your kind and generous donation goes directly to help renovate or build a school in an isolated or impoverished community.

Our Education Projects

However, we don’t just build new schools. Organisations that build schools in developing countries, like Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, can help to improve access to education for countless disadvantaged children in remote and poverty-stricken areas around the world.

Our team is also committed to renovating existing school buildings to provide children with a better, safer learning environment, too. The school renovation projects we carry out will create nicer classroom spaces for existing pupils while also expanding the school’s capacity to enable more children to attend in the future.

Overall, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust schools provide access to education and essential nourishment for over 1,600 people around the world. We also offer free health check-ups and psychological support to students in order to ensure that these children are in the best possible position to enjoy a brighter future.

In addition, we recognise that learning takes place throughout life, which is why we are committed to providing access to important training programmes and adult education schemes in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our Livelihood Project includes training in business, accountancy, and essential vocational skills needed to successfully become self-employed.

Just £6,000 can fund building a school in a rural area. Only £2,000 is needed to renovate an existing school building. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust needs your generous support to ensure these disadvantaged children can reach their full potential.

Doesn’t every child deserve the right to an education?

Zakat Applicable

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