Our main aim is to guarantee that every pound of
zakat paid by UK Muslims is paid appropriately.

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100% ZAKAT policy

At Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we take pride in our 100% Zakat Policy. It means that every single penny of your Zakat donation will go directly to those who need it most 100% of the time – giving you 100% of the reward. Our main aim is to guarantee that every pound of zakat paid by UK Muslims is paid appropriately - in line with Sunnah and the Holy Qur’an.

Your Zakat can do so much. You can give someone the gift of sight with a cataract surgery, provide a family with clean and safe drinking water, give nutritious food to a family, care for orphans, or give children access to education. Your Zakat literally saves lives.

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Our life-changing Zakat projects

At Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, our Zakat projects are well and truly saving lives. You can choose from a whole host of projects like water as a water well charity, and we’ll ensure 100% of your donation goes to those who need it most. Read about the incredible ways your Zakat can make a difference.

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Donate your Zakat today and we’ll ensure 100% of your donation goes to those who need it most!

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When is Zakat Paid?

Your zakat payment period for the year will start on the date when your wealth first equalled or exceeded the nisab. After this, zakat must be calculated and paid once each lunar year has passed, and it will then fall every year thereafter on that date. If you are not able to remember this date, then you should make an estimate. If this is not possible, you should select a specific Islamic date to adhere to, instead. It is not obligatory to pay zakat during Ramadan, but many Muslims prefer to give charity during Ramadan and reap greater rewards by using a Zakat calculator.

Can I Spread Payments Over the Year?

You can set up a regular monthly payment like a direct debit if you wish to pay your zakat in smaller instalments. If you choose to pay your zakat with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, certain campaigns and sponsorships are zakat-eligible so you can spread the rewards of your generosity throughout the year.

Can I Gift Aid My Zakat Payment?

Yes! Gift Aid is a valuable tax concession which enhances the value of donations made to registered charities by 25%. All UK taxpayers can Gift Aid their payments.

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