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39 Million people around the world are blind, and over 285 Million people are severely vision impaired.

 2.2 billion people struggle with near vision and need reading glasses – that is more than 1 in 4 people.

 Without proper care millions will continue to live without the gift of sight, even though 75% of all blindness can be cured or treated.

 Donate just £45 today to help provide people with the treatments they need.

Eye Care Camps

 We’re working across the World to bring the gift of sight to people in impoverished communities who have been living in the dark for far too long. Many people living in poverty with vision problems never get the treatment they need for clearer vision, even when it’s something as simple as receiving a pair of glasses, or if they require a life-changing but simple cataracts surgery. Blindness can be isolating and leave people excluded from society, as well as struggling to cope financially.

 Our eye care programme is changing thousands of lives around the world by making eye care a priority. Our eye camps and the treatments they provide are making it easier for the elderly to live with dignity, children to continue with their educations, parents to provide for their families, and people everywhere to come together and take part in their communities.

 For just £1,500 you can help run an entire eye camp, giving hundreds of people the ability to see again and live a life of brightness, dignity and respect.

How Do We Conduct our Eye Camps?

  1. We advertise in local newspapers, TV stations, community centres and the radio one month in advance so we make sure as many people are aware as possible.
  2. We carry out screening services to determine who require glasses, medication, surgery or further hospital referrals.
  3. Those who require surgery and are healthy undergo further testing for Diabetes, Blood Pressure, HIV and Hepatitis B & C.
  4. Patients undergo surgery and are provided with accommodation and food during this time.
  5. The following day, check-ups are carried out and bandages are removed. If there are no complications, patients are allowed to go home.
  6. One week later, a follow-up camp is organised whereby surgeons can ensure patients are recovering well and that eyesight is fully restored.

 You can help us bring life-changing eye care to people across the world by making a £45 donation to our eye care programme today. Donate now to provide eye checks, medication and treatment to people in need.

 123,792 Cataract surgeries 

At our eye camps, we screen patients for cataracts, as well as providing children with general eye health checks, and distributing glasses. We treat patients for any issues that they may have with their eye health, and actively work to prevent visual impairments throughout the World.

 Since 2010, we have conducted over 123,792 cataract surgeries for people living in poverty across nine countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestine, Kenya and South Sudan.

We are proud of our achievement of 123,792 cataract surgeries completed from 2010 of being the first in Pakistan with mobile eye camp facility.  Since then we have expanded across the world providing life changing eye care. 

Why not attend our upcoming annual events, especially the celebration of achieving our massive targets of cataract surgeries.

Upcoming events

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Cataract Surgeries


OPD (Screening)


Hepatitis Screening


Eye Glasses Distribution


Children with disabilities supported to attend school 


School base eye camps


People with disabilities supported in business

Our Eye Camps in Asia, Africa & Middle East

 Success Stories 

Muzaffar's Story

Muzaffar is a vulnerable 76-year-old man from Kotli, Kashmir. He raised his children by working hard, day and night, as a farmer and put all his time and energy into ensuring that they get whatever they needed, including basic education, which he did not have. He and his wife supported their children by securing their marriages and helping them all set up their own homes.

Unexpectedly, four years ago, after the death of his wife, his eyesight gradually started deteriorating and unfortunately resulted in complete eyesight loss. This situation forced him to rely completely on others for his basic needs. He was unable to stand and was housebound for many years - the only thing that he could do was to sit or lie in bed.

This staggering situation was emotionally draining Muzaffar. The loss of his wife and detachment from close friends were only.....

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 Our latest eye activity report 

Eye Report 2019-20 (PDF)

Download 1.54 MB - pdf

80% of blindness in the developing world can be prevented or cured.

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