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1 in 3 people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water.

Women and children often walk for miles each day to collect water to drink, denying them the opportunity to go to school, to work and to thrive.

Billions of people around the world are suffering from poor access to water, sanitation and hygiene, putting lives at risk every single day. Contaminated water can cause the spread of deadly illnesses, claiming lives and placing financial burdens on families already living in severe poverty. Every year, 3.57 million people die from water related diseases. Most of these people (2.2 million) are children.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is providing clean water to some of the most impoverished communities worldwide, offering long-term solutions. We’re building wells and water systems and helping communities tackle poverty, thirst and hunger.

Small donations from £200 could help provide clean water to a community in need

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water wells

* Pictures are for illustration purposes only. The visual style & size of our water wells may vary depending on location.

Small Water Wells

Small water wells serve up to 60 families in a remote, impoverished village, providing clean drinking water every single day. These hand pumps are installed in rural areas with limited access to electricity, and clean water is used for drinking, cleaning, washing and for livestock and crops. In these villages, water also benefits graveyards and local bus stops. Donors receive a photo and report upon completion. 

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Electric Water Wells

Electric water wells are installed in public places such as schools, hospitals and in mosques. There is existing access to electricity, and they can also be maintained easily. Each electric water well is linked to a water tank and benefits up to 600 people every single day. Donors receive a photo and report upon completion

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agricultural water well

Each agricultural water well provides water for the entire village of 2,000 people and can be used for irrigation and farming alongside drinking, helping families grow crops for sustenance and building a livelihood. Donors will receive photographs or video footage after its completion.

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Community Water Wells

Community water wells benefit up to 2,000 people in a village, providing clean water every single day. Usually, women and children would walk 5-6 miles each day to find water for their families, but these wells are a short walk from any house in the village. Easy access to clean water means children can go to school, and entire communities will flourish. Donors receive a photo and report upon completion.

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Water Purification Plant

We build Water Purification Plants in communities facing severe water shortages. These plants use a system of reverse osmosis, and advanced technology. We use advanced technology and new systems to purify and clean existing water, removing it of harmful substances, dirt and bacteria. After a process of purification, we transform water that is unfit for human consumption into clean water that is safe for drinking. Water is stored in a water tank and can be accessed at any time by the community. The system and the clean water tank are verified in accordance with World Health Organisation standards. Our water purification plant provides 2,000 litres fresh and clean water every hour. .

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Solar Water Wells

In many parts of the world facing drought and hot climates, clean water is very far below the ground, sometimes as deep as 3000 ft. In these situations, normal wells and hand pumps will only collect dirty, contaminated water. In places like Tharparkar in Pakistan, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust installs Solar Water Wells which use sun light energy to collect water from deep below the earth’s surface. These wells provide an environmentally-friendly way of collecting water for vulnerable communities.

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* Pictures are for illustration purposes only. The visual style & size of our water wells may vary depending on location.


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