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For these hospitals ambulance services are performing very well in such areas where it’s most needed but there is still room for improvements.

There are many areas in which there is still a big need for ambulances that can be reached by these hospital ambulance services, but because of having less quality ambulances with none of the required essential equipment’s it is not possible for them to reach such areas. These ambulances will be deployed in different rural areas of all four provinces of Pakistan with the help of those 34 hospitals.

By having this in mind Al-Mustafa Trust has decided to raise donations for such quality equipped ambulances. 

We can get to casualties faster, only with your help. Help us put a stop to not reaching people in crucial times by putting your zakat donation towards buying an ambulance. It’s fast and it saves lives in a blast.

Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust, UK is supporting 16 Hospitals in different areas of Pakistan in terms of providing them with ambulances and other medical equipments through its donations.

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