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For these hospitals ambulance services are performing very well in such areas where it’s most needed but there is still room for improvements.

There are many areas in which there is still a big need for ambulances which can be reached by these hospitals’ ambulance services, but because of having less quality ambulances and by not having ambulances with all required essential equipment’s it is not possible for them to reach such areas. These ambulance/ambulances will be deployed in different rural areas of all four provinces of Pakistan with the help of those 34 hospitals.

By having this in mind Al-Mustafa Trust has decided to raise donations for such quality equipped ambulance/ambulances. These ambulance/ambulances will be bought from United Kingdom and will be fully equipped to save lives in emergency situations.

We can get to casualties faster, only with your help. Help us put a stop to not reaching people in crucial times by putting your zakat donation towards buying an ambulance. It’s fast and it saves lives in a blast.


Aim of the project is to increase the capacity of the ambulance service in 16 hospitals by donating ambulances to them which are being supported by Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust in remote areas of Pakistan with a reliable and sound ambulance service of their own to save precious human lives by linking them with quality service providers in minimum possible time. So, for under this project Al-Mustafa Trust has donated 142 Ambulances in these 16 hospitals to support their ambulance service and to make them more efficient in emergency situations.


We need a service for remote rural areas in Pakistan’s four provinces and the following features.

  • Ambulances located different Tehsils/Sub Tahsil levels in different districts with links with service providers also.
  • Services linked with other ambulance service providers in case of need
  • A quality service with fully equipped ambulance/ambulances.
  • Ambulance with properly trained staff and available 24 hours
  • Service linked with local communities
  • Service focused not only on emergencies but also on patients in need especially maternal healthcare at time of delivery.
  • Linked with quality health providers who give assured service. Which we have affiliation with 16 hospitals which are running ambulance services with support of Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust.
  • Service with cushion for poor.
  • Able to recover cost.

Specific objective:

  1. To increase the capacity of Al-Mustafa trust’s 16 supported hospitals in terms of ambulance service by donating them new ambulance/ambulances in four provinces of Pakistan.
  2. To provide capacity building support to Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust’s staff to manage such project at higher scale.
  1. Provision of financial support by donor to Al-Mustafa Trust.
  2. Provision of ambulance/ambulances in four provinces of Pakistan.
  3. Recruitment of suitable staff
  4. Capacity building of the staff
  5. Launching of service in needy areas
  6. Supporting the service operations
  1. MOU with donor agency and on ground supported hospital for ambulance.
  2. Trained Human Resource
  3. Fully functional ambulance with all necessary equipment in it with trained staff.
  4. Provision of services
  5. Assessment report produced about future replication and improvement of service.

Deprived areas of four Provinces of Pakistan, which are remote less, less developed and are in need of these services. These include:

  1. Punjab
  2. Sindh
  3. KPK
  4. Baluchistan

Project will be implemented in six month’s time once the ambulance/ambulances have been donated by the donor agency/agencies in four provinces of Pakistan.

Two months period will be taken for the finalization of MOUs, provision of ambulance/ambulances and hiring and capacity building of staff and delivery of ambulance/ambulances, while remaining two months will be taken for the actual service delivery of the project.

 Project Budget

£7000 per Ambulance

Type of Ambulance

High Dependency, Make SuzukiModel: Bolan (Standard), Year:  2015-2016


Ferno Compact Carry Chair, KED, Ibex Stair Chair, Ferno Scoop Stretcher, Spinal Board,

Pedilite Paediatric Spinal Board, Ferno Falcon 6 Stretcher, Ferno Pegasus Stretcher          

LSU Suction Unit, SSCOR Suction Unit, FR2 AED. 

Area in Pakistan:


Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust, UK is supporting 16 Hospitals in different areas of Pakistan in terms of providing them with ambulances and other medical equipments through its donations.

Zakat Applicable


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