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Welcome the arrival of your baby and give thanks to Allah (swt) by performing your Aqiqah with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust today from just £70.

We have been carrying out Aqiqah on behalf of our donors for over five years. By performing Aqiqah, you express your gratitude to Allah (swt) for the blessing of your beautiful baby. This is done through the religious sacrifice of a goat or sheep. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself used to perform Aqiqah after the birth of a newborn, to protect the baby from harm and give thanks to Allah (swt). Traditionally, the Sunnah of the prophet (saw) is that one animal is sacrificed upon the birth of a baby girl, and two animals are sacrificed for the birth of a baby boy.

The act of shaving the head is also carried out at this time and the hair is then weighed. A monetary donation is then given to the needy and orphans based on the weight of the hair. The value of this is gauged by the current rate of silver at that time. 

With Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, your Aqiqah meat will be distributed amongst impoverished communities around the world, in a place of your choice if you wish.

Aqiqah FAQS

What is Aqiqah?

Aqiqah is the act of sacrificing an animal to mark the occasion of a child’s birth. Ideally, this should be performed seven days after the birth of the child.

“Aqeeqah is the child’s rescue from Satan and protection for his efforts for the good of his life Hereafter.” (Faid al-Qadir)

Why should I perform Aqiqah for my newborn baby?

Performing Aqiqah following the birth of a child is highly recommended for the parent or guardian. This is beneficial, as it helps to unite loved ones and communities on this special occasion.

It also gives us an opportunity to share our celebrations with those less fortunate than ourselves – such as orphans and those in need – by offering the meat from the sacrifice with them.

Why do we shave the baby’s head?

It is the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) to shave the baby’s head as a means of purification and the symbol of a new beginning for a Muslim child.

The hair is weighed, and Sadaqah is given to the poor in accordance to the weight of the hair.

The value of this is calculated by donating the amount equivalent to the same weight in silver to the poor. This works out to be approximately £10 at the moment.

What animals are slaughtered for Aqiqah?

Traditionally, a goat or sheep may be sacrificed for Aqiqah, and it can also be a cow or camel. The selection of animal is often dependent on the location. Just like the conditions of sacrifice for Qurbani, that animal must be in good health and be slaughtered in a humane way in line with Islamic guidance.

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