Seven years of bombs and bullets have left thousands of families homeless and traumatised.

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The Syrian Civil War has created senseless conflict and violence for millions of innocent people, caught up in a fight that is not their own – especially the most vulnerable: women, children and the elderly. The ongoing crisis has left millions of Syrians with no choice but to flee their families and their homes, with millions more displaced and left to fend for their lives. 

Imagine the horror of being a child and losing not just your home, but your school, your future – and for many, their families, too. Imagine the horror of being a parent and looking on as bombs destroy your entire world, leaving you and your family desperate just to survive.

This is a reality for many millions of Syrians today; trapped in war-torn ruins, hiding in underground shelters and seeking refuge in nearby countries, hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel. Here at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we are doing everything we can to provide essential aid, but we need your help. Please donate to our Syria appeal to help the most vulnerable Syrians today.

Urgent Aid Required

The damage that has been done to Syria as a country has been completely devastating, with indescribable levels of unrelenting violence, airstrikes and suffering as a consequence of the war. Families have lost their worldly possessions, their health and for many, any chance of the future they once dreamed of.

Without access to essential food, clean water, medical supplies and suitable clothing, winter will cause untold devastation. We are asking you to donate to Syria to give them a chance of survival this winter.

Help Us Give Relief to Syrians

For those who have already fled and those still living in Syria, relief is the only means of survival. Families that were once just like yours have never been more desperate for help.

Parents were working to give their families the best start in life. Fathers were caring for their wives and children, ensuring they never wanted for anything. Mothers cared for their loved ones, creating comfortable, homely environments for their children. Children were curious about the world, learning and growing, playing and making friends, as children do. Syrians had lives just like yours, but theirs have been violently ripped apart in the name of war.

How Syria Donations Help Those in Need

When you give Syria donations with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, your money is put to good use in the form of cash grants that allow residents to buy basic necessities – food, clothing, and bedding - or to pay for much-needed shelter. Your donations also go towards providing essential food packs, supplies for those in need of emergency relief and towards crucial medical supplies to help tend to as many refugees as possible.

We Need Your Help

Without your donations, many Syrian families will continue to suffer needlessly. With your help, we can inject cash directly where it is needed.

£55 donation can provide a family with food for a month.

£300 can provide an emergency relief pack, full of everything a family might need to help them survive.

£1,000 can set up an emergency medical camp to help provide essential medical aid to those who need it the most.

You can make one-off donations or set up an ongoing direct debit payment to help us support even more people.

Donations are always important but, with the winter months looming, time is of the essence to ensure the most vulnerable Syrians are given essential lifelines. Your donations can help make a difference between life and death for so many – so please donate today.



Family food pack for 1 month.


Emergency relief pack.


Emergency medical camp.


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