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    The Recognition of Sacrifice.

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Muharram marks the beginning of the New Islamic Year 1440. Being the first of the four sacred months, Muharram holds extraordinary significance in Islam. Muharram in its literal sense means “forbidden” and is often referred to as “the Month of ALLAH”. Waging war or indulging in any kind of violence during this month is strictly forbidden.

During these sacred months, both sins and good deeds carry a heavier weight than in other periods of the year. The increased reward from ALLAH (SBT) is one reason why numerous Muslims around the globe choose to give their Zakat in al-Muharram, which is also the perfect time to give Sadaqah!

Prophet (SAW) said:

“I am closer to Moses than they." (Bukhari 3397)

Initially it was made obligatory to fast on the 10th of Muharram and but later fasting was made obligatory in Ramadan only. The Companions observed that Jews also consider the 10th as special day and also fasted on the day. So Prophet (SAW) announced that from next year the Muslims would also fast on the 9th of Muharram so to distinguish themselves from the Jews. Unfortunately, Prophet (SAW) did not live to see the next year but Muslims around the world consider the Days of Ashura – which are the 9th and 10th of Muharram - as blessed days and observe fast on these days as per the Sunnah of our Prophet (SAW).

It was month of Muharram when sacrifices made by Hazrat Imam Hussain(R.A) the blessed grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the master of the youth of heaven, his family and his companions on the land of Karbala 1400 years ago.


The Day of Ashura - the 10th Muharram - is a day of significant importance as Allah (SBT) bestowed salvation on ten of his prophets on that day. Here are these pivotal events which were due to change the course of humanity: 

  • ALLAH gave Prophet Moses (AS) the miracle of splitting the Red Sea so he could save him & his people. When Firaun and his soldiers tried to cross it they drowned.
  • Prophet Noah’s (AS) Arc settled on Mount Judi when the rain stopped.
  • Prophet Younus (AS) was released out of the belly of the fish.
  • Allah (SBT) accepted Prophet Adam’s (AS) Repentance.
  • Prophet Yusuf (AS) came out of the well that he was thrown into.
  • Prophet Isa (AS) was born on Ashura and also ascended to the heaven on Ashura as well.
  • Prophet Dawood’s (AS) repentance was accepted.
  • Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was thrown into the Fire which became cool.
  •  Prophet Yaqoob’s (AS) eyesight, which he had lost, was restored.
  • Badr al-Din al-'Ayni (RA) stated that: ”Some people mention […] Prophet Idris (AS), was ascended to the heaven on that day. Prophet Ayyub (A.S) recovered from his illness and Suleiman was bestowed wealth.” (Sahih Muslim)

Other momentous events took place on the Day of Ashura

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated: “On the Day of Ashura Allah (SWT) created the seven heavens, seas, mountains, the Pen, Lawh-e-Mahfuz (the preserved tablet), the stars, the Throne of Allah (SBT), Angel Gibreel and all other angels. The first rain fell from the sky on the Day of Ashura. 

Also, Ashura is the day in the time of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Kaaba's covering used to be renewed on the Ashura day of every year. It was narrated from Hazrat Aisha(R.A): "Ashura is the day which Kaaba is covered." (Muslim, Abu Dawud)


We guarantee every pound of Zakat paid is delivered fully with our 100% donation policy. Pay your Zakat in Muharram, one of the four sacred months of the Islamic year. 


Many Muslims choose to donate Sadaqah to a family in need. Learn more about requirements and other facts about Muharram.

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