The eldest of five siblings, Abu Bakar lost his father in a road accident when he was just eight years old. Along with his brother, three sisters, and young widowed mother, the family had no other choice than to leave the peace and harmony of their own home. Instead, the situation forced them to live in a very conservative joint family, becoming totally reliant on the provisions and assistance of their family and neighbours.

Abu Bakar was in grade four when he left school. He was a very bright and enthusiastic student, but after the tragedy, the whole family lost all hope of a better future.

He said, “It is really heart-choking when people treat us with their leftovers and with a sense of pride for them, in it. We are losing our self-esteem and dignity. We only need sympathy and support in these hard time from all of you, in order to make our way out.”

For Abu Bakar and his siblings, school and a basic education became little more than a lost dream after losing their father - until Al Mustafa Welfare Trust staff came to their village.

Abu Bakar found out about Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s orphan sponsorship programme at his local masjid and his mother quickly enrolled him on the programme. Sponsorship put him back on the ladder of education once again. He is now in grade five and is working hard at all his lessons.

Orphan sponsorship with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust also includes cash assistance, health checks, education, clothes, recreational activities and psychosocial support.

“My wish in this life is to serve the children and vulnerable families when I become a police officer.”

AMWT has helped Abu Bakar continue to work towards his dream.

“AMWT has feed me care and kindness.” He further added, "thanks for giving us hope and confidence."

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