Let’s not forget about Palestine

There’s no doubt that many of us watched the Qatar World Cup final and witnessed the trophy being awarded to the Argentina team. But another great trophy from this tournament has been the attention given to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

 After 70+ years of brutal conflict, Palestinians have been left devastated, with homes destroyed, children orphaned and little food available to feed their stomachs. Every day is a new battle for survival, with uncertainty of where the next meal will come from.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been dedicated to providing aid to affected Palestinians by rebuilding homes, building emergency medical camps, providing clean water supplies and delivering food packs to the most vulnerable. These food packs are only £55 and can feed families of up to 5 people FOR A WHOLE MONTH!

 One-month essentials include flour, rice, cooking oil, salt, tea, lentils, sugar, dates, chilli, powder milk and juices.

We rely solely on the support of our donors, who have made it possible for us to deliver our projects in Gaza and Palestine. So far, your generous aid has allowed us to deliver over 6,500 food packs! With your continuous help, let us work together to reignite the hope of our beloved Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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