Ramadan is a month which Muslims across the globe await each year - an auspicious month filled with modesty, humility, spirit and above all, blessing.   

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar; the Islamic calendar follows a lunar cycle, which means that the months rotate by around 11 days each year. Therefore, Ramadan is, on average, 11 days earlier every year.  Please see here for the Ramadan 2018 timetable

It is a month of sawm (also known as fasting) and worship for Muslims worldwide and is the fourth pillar of the obligatory Five Pillars of Islam – which is compulsory for all able Muslims. 

Fasting during the month of Ramadan entails abstaining from many things between the hours of sunrise and sunset. These things include eating, drinking, backbiting, thinking impure thoughts, committing sinful acts, upsetting others, smoking, any form of intimacy, seeing evil things, hearing evil things and so on. The idea is to purify the mind, body and soul in order to attain closeness to Allah SWT.

The month encourages giving to those in need by way of an obligatory contribution, also known as Zakat-ul Fitr. This donation is to be submitted prior to the congregational prayers on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, which is a festival that concludes the month of Ramadan. This contribution helps to ensure that many of those in less fortunate circumstances across the world can celebrate and enjoy this festival too.  

Laylatul Qadr 

The auspicious month of Ramadan is widely known as a month of giving to others and helping those in need. The rewards for those who give to the needy in this month alone are immeasurable. 

“He who feeds a fasting person shall have the same reward as of the fasting person himself” 

- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

 Many Muslims choose to give during the final ten nights of the month. The Night of Power, which is known as Laylatul Qadr, falls within these last ten nights. It was during these ten days that the revelation of the Holy Qur’an was sent down to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by Allah SWT as guidance for mankind. A night worth a thousand months - the rewards for giving during these significant nights are abundant.

Ramadan 2018 Donations with Al Mustafa 

There are many campaigns and projects you could get involved in this year, be it during the month of Ramadan or otherwise. Whether you wish to donate your zakat or simply want to get involved with a campaign that resonates with you, there are millions of people across the globe in less fortunate circumstances who are in need of our support. 

Feed the Fasting this Ramadan

Give Someone the Gift of Sight this Ramadan

Give the Gift of Education this Ramadan

Donate a Gift this Eid

Ramadan Kareem!

Make the most of the rewards this Ramadan and help someone in need; join Al Mustafa Welfare Trust in the long-awaited countdown to Ramadan 2018. For more information on how to donate, give our friendly team of volunteers a call on 020 8569 6444 or visit us online. 

Wishing you all a beautiful month filled with infinite reward and blessing, from the team at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust. Ameen.

Ramadan 2018 Helpful Information 

Ramadan 2018 is estimated to fall on or around 16th May 2018, with Eid-ul-Fitr estimated to fall on or around 15th June 2018. Please check with your local Mosque for exact information. 

Zakat Calculator 

Fidya and Kaffarah 

Ramadan 2018 Timetable


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