Al Mustafa Welfare Trust's team visited the Egyptian Red Crescent office in Cairo, Egypt on 12th March 2024 and signed a new project to help Palestinians during Ramadan 2024. This initiative aims to provide freshly cooked, warm, and wholesome meals to families facing starvation in Khan Younus, Gaza. This partnership specifically aims to deliver Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (evening meal) throughout Ramadan 2024.

AL Mustafa Visited Egyptian Red Crescent

As war continues in Gaza since October 2023, most of the people have lost their homes and face severe food shortages. People are now dying from hunger and the need for food right now has reached desperate levels. By delivering food to the needy Palestinians, we also send a message that you are not alone, we are with you until we overcome a hunger.

As a part of this initiative with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, the Egyptian Red Crescent charity organization cooks hot meals in El Arish kitchen, Egypt, and then transports this food via trucks through Rafah Border Crossing to Khan Younis, Gaza. We are ensuring that the distribution reaches the needy Palestinians for both Suhoor and Iftar meals during Ramadan 2024. For suhoor, the essential supplies include fresh meals, bread, yogurt, beans, cheese, and water. For iftar, we distribute protein-filled meals with meat, vegetables, water, and juice.

The collaboration among Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, Egyptian Red Crescent and Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization shows the symbol of unity and solidarity to help Palestine during times of humanitarian crisis.

The current situation in Gaza demands global attention as the war continues; almost 2 million people face severe hunger, with many families struggling to get enough food for their survival. Many of them have been displaced and face a lack of healthcare facilities.

During Ramadan, we also have the opportunity to pack family food packs in our warehouse in Zarqa near Amaan, Jorden. These packs are taken via trucks through the King Hussein Border Crossing into Israel. From there, they are transported to Gaza through the Kerem Abu Salim/Kerem Shalom crossing. Then the Royal Jordanian Hashemite Trust helps us to deliver these food packs and ensures that the food is distributed among families in need in Gaza.

Alhamdulillah, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust along with the Egyptian Red Crescent,  Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization are making a graceful impact on the lives of Palestinians this Ramadan 2024. Our mission is to reach as many vulnerable families as possible and individuals to ensure that no one remains hungry in Gaza. As the project unfolds, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust invites individuals, companies, and organizations to contribute to the Gaza charity to make a difference in the lives of Palestinians. Your donation can help Palestine confront the devastating challenges they face daily.

You can donate to Palestine here 

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