As millions of Muslims around the world has started experiencing the blessings of holy Ramadan, the Palestinian people continue to face devastating challenges. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust urges global community to help Palestine by donating generously this Ramadan.

Palestinian people are not only dying from Israeli bombings, but they are also suffering from hunger. It is most acute in northern Gaza. which Israel has isolated, and people suffered from long cutoffs of food supply deliveries.

Similarly, during Ramadan, Muslims get up early in the morning for pre-dawn meal (Suhoor) at homes and in mosques. Then gather for morning prayer at the mosque, fast throughout the day and again come together for evening meal (Iftar), make duas (prayers) and ask for blessing from Allah. While people experience these blessings, Palestinians are having a hard time to afford two meals a day even without shelter!

Imagine the tiredness of a long fasting day. Imagine the survival of Palestinians without shelter. Imagine how people see their loved ones fighting for their lives. Your Donations can genuinely make a big difference in the lives of Palestinians by providing them vital support during this Ramadan. Let’s help Palestine by sharing meal from our table to theirs.

Along with that, police have imposed more restrictions on Palestinian people to access Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem as Ramadan activities started. Looking back a few years, it was inspiring to see people praying Ramadan Taraweeh at Al-Aqsa Mosque; everyone is overwhelmed with countless blessings. But last year, there were clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian people, with stones being thrown inside the mosque. And this year, People are anxious about what Ramadan will look like with restrictions on Al-Aqsa Mosque.

While distributing Ramadan food to Gaza's families, a spokesperson for Al Mustafa Welfare Trust asked a person about an individual's Ramadan activities. The person responded, "Masjid Al Aqsa is at the heart of every Muslim; during last Ramadan, we spend most of our time in mosques for Ramadan iftar arrangements and collectively gather for divine blessings. However, due to the destruction of mosques, we are unable to hold Ramadan prayers and organize iftar arrangements".

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has transformed the lives of millions of Palestinians daily since 2014. We provide nourishing food, ranging from ready-to-eat meals to fresh juices and vegetables, to deserving Palestinians. But Ramadan demands more!

Emergency appeal for Palestine

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust ensures families receive nutritious meals at both Suhoor (Pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (Evening meal) times to break their fast. Your donation becomes a lifeline to reach even more families struggling during Ramadan. Together, we can expand our reach and serve more families in need. Let's fill their tables and hearts this Ramadan!

Donate Now and  Support Palestine 

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