The enchanting voice of Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan mesmerized the crowd at the London, Manchester and Birmingham UK, and an evening of inspiration became a lifeline for the Gaza emergency appeal. The attendees' kindness and generosity shone through, and a huge £337,000 was raised for donations to Palestine.

A Community Echoing Solidarity

The mesmerizing night showed that it was not just us committed to helping Gaza. People from all walks of life came together to support the cause! Which not only made the event a success but also helped our ongoing mission of bringing communities together. The amazing amount of money raised stands alongside our Trust's efforts, like the #BlessedRoots Campaign and the Shaykh Mishary fundraising event, which have already achieved so much in delivering support to those in need.

Looking to the Past: Your Impact in Palestine

For years, you have been a beacon of support for the people of Palestine. Thanks to your continued generosity we have been able to give so much, and deliver consistent aid to that region.

Thanks to you - here is what we have been able to achieve so far:

Food in Times of Trouble

Your help has been a beacon of hope in times of trouble and conflict. We've sent basic food packs to 7,000 families in Gaza to help keep things calm amidst the chaos. These food packs are more than just food; they are a lifeline for families who are struggling to find food during the war.

Health Care in the Crosshairs

Thanks to your help, nearly 18,000 people, many of whom have been caught in the crossfire, can now get the medical supplies they need. In a place where hospitals are often overloaded with war victims, your help has been very important in making sure that people who are hurt or sick can get the care they need.

Getting Water in a Hard Time

It is hard to make sure there is clean water in Gaza because the infrastructure is often targeted. However, thanks to the help of our event, we've been able to give 1,200 people a reliable source of clean drinking water every day. This isn't a small change; it's a wave of change that will protect the health and future of whole communities.

Boosting the Medical Front Lines

Thanks to your help, we were able to improve the medical infrastructure in this conflict zone. We are increasing the number of beds in five field hospitals run by the Royal Jordanian Charitable Trust. These hospitals are in important places like Tal Al-Hawa, Khan Yunis, Nablus, Ramallah, and Jenin. They are strongholds of hope in a time of chaos, with the tools to provide better care and save more lives.  About 150,000 people in Gaza are feeling the effects of your support, which shows how great your impact is.

Stories of Hope and Survival

Yasmin and Ahmed are just two of the countless lives touched by your generosity. Amidst conflict, Yasmin finds solace in meals provided by us while Ahmed's family receives essential meals to keep him alive. Your support offers a lifeline in their time of need. This just shows you the profound difference each donation to Palestine makes. They are not just beneficiaries; they are stories of hope and resilience.

Looking To The Future: What Your Support Means

The incredible success of the events featuring Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan in the UK, which raised £337,000 for the Gaza emergency appeal, demonstrates the power of community solidarity. These gatherings provided an evening of inspiration and served as a catalyst for change, bringing people together to support a common cause.

As we look to the future, these events will have a lasting impact on our efforts to provide relief and aid to those in need. The funds raised will bolster our ongoing mission to deliver support to the people of Gaza, who face unimaginable hardships.

Alongside our other initiatives, such as the #BlessedRoots Campaign and the Shaykh Mishary fundraising event, we have shown our community's unwavering commitment to making a positive difference. By coming together, we have the power to create meaningful change and provide hope to those who need it most.

Unwavering Commitment to Transparency

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust operates with unwavering transparency and accountability, ensuring that every donation to Palestine is utilised effectively to support those in need.

Your Contribution, Their Hope

As we celebrate the Rafaqat Ali Khan event's success, remember that our collective action can change the world. Your ongoing support can change Gaza and Palestine. Gaza is in crisis, with over 20,000 people killed, half of them children. Families have been displaced, homes destroyed, and food, water, and medicine are scarce.

Your support can immediately provide the essentials to those who have lost everything. It's not just a donation—it's a gesture of solidarity, a beacon of hope in the darkest time.

Make your contribution towards our Gaza Emergency Appeal 

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