The Secret Sunnah of Prophetic Qurbani: Following the Generosity of The Prophet

Did you know there's an incredible tradition that occurs only once a year? It's called The Prophet ﷺQurbani. This tradition exemplifies The Prophet ﷺMuhammad’s immense acts of mercy, kindness, and generosity during Dhul Hijjah. This year, you have an extraordinary opportunity to walk in his footsteps and reach magnificent rewards. But before we delve further, let's explore the true meaning of Qurbani.

Qurbani: The Real Meaning

Qurbani refers to the ritual sacrifice of an animal. Its roots lie in the Arabic word "closeness." Within the concept of Qurbani, which signifies sacrifice, lies the profound notion of drawing closer to Allah. This notion finds a perfect illustration in the life of Prophet Ibrahim, who willingly sacrificed everything to reach proximity to Allah. In our own lives, we meet many instances that require sacrifices. The month of Dhul-Hijjah consistently reminds us of this fundamental question: What are we willing to sacrifice to create a stronger connection with Allah?

Prophetic Qurbani

An inspiring story reveals The Prophet ﷺMuhammad’s exceptional kindness. Instead of offering a single ram as a sacrifice, he chose to present two. Why two, you may ask? One ram aimed to continue the legacy of Prophet Ibrahim (as) and fulfill the commandment of God, while the other was chosen for the less fortunate individuals who couldn't afford their own sacrifice. This act is known as The Prophet ﷺQurbani. It serves as a powerful testament to The Prophet ﷺ's boundless generosity and serves as a reminder that we should always prioritize the well-being of humanity.

A Unique Sunnah to be Revived.

During this year's Eid al-Adha, you have a rare and beautiful opportunity to embrace this special Sunnah. By contributing £80, you can partake in the abundant rewards of Prophetic Qurbani. But that's not all! You can also become one of the blessed few who revive this Sunnah, experiencing its profound impact firsthand. Join us in reviving this timeless tradition and receive blessings beyond words. Give twice!

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