Neighbour’s First Project: Feeding the homeless in Hounslow

Every Friday, our volunteers set out on a mission to feed the homeless in our local area – Hounslow. We first embarked on this rewarding project in 2015, and have since distributed hot meals, sandwiches, fruits and water to hundreds of locals who are in need of it.

A few weeks ago we came across Abbas, a refugee who shared with us that he only receives £8 a week to feed his wife and 7-month-old son.

‘’We just about manage to live off noodles for the whole week! Me and my wife can bear it but we are so worried about our son‘’, he exclaimed with worry on his face. Thanks to our donors, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been able to provide this family with daily hot meals and weekly groceries.

Quite often, we walk past people sitting on the streets and turn a blind eye, without realising that each individual has a heart-breaking story that is yet to be heard. The very least we can do in their times of difficulty is take away their worry of where their next meal will come from.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust recognizes this struggle for survival, and we are fully devoted to enacting positive change in our local community!

With just £20, you can provide the less fortunate with 4 hot and nutritious meals. These will include a cooked dish, a cereal bar, a water bottle and a piece of fruit!

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