Where Does Your Qurbani Go? A Regional Spotlight

This Eid, we are once again ready to give out Qurbani and humbly serve some of the poorest and grief-stricken places in the world. Your kindness this year can feed whole communities, not just individuals. You might be wondering: How will my Qurbani help? Which areas need it the most? What challenges do these communities face? Let us take a closer look at different regions to find out.

Exploring Our Regional Spotlight

  • Asia: In the vast expanse of Asia, many families confront the harsh reality of poverty. Many individuals struggle day by day to secure their next meal, facing the daunting challenge of food scarcity. Your Qurbani has the power to transform their lives, supplying a vital source of nutritional sustenance during Eid. Through your generous contribution, you can bring joy, relief, and a glimmer of hope to those who find themselves caught in the grips of poverty.
  • Africa: Across the diverse and vibrant nations of Africa, countless families grapple with the pressing issue of food insecurity. Environmental challenges, such as droughts, floods, and limited access to fertile land, coupled with economic hardship, create a formidable barrier to obtaining sufficient nourishment. Your selfless act of donating Qurbani meat can make a significant difference in the lives of these families during this auspicious time. It is a chance to provide them with essential nutrition, filling their hearts with gratitude and happiness as they celebrate Eid.
  • Middle East: The Middle East region has been trialled by persistent conflicts and ongoing instability, resulting in the displacement of many families from their homes. These individuals and communities have faced unimaginable hardships and have lost not only their sense of security but also their means of sustenance. By contributing your Qurbani, you extend a helping hand to those in need, offering more than just a much-needed meal. Your donation serves as a powerful symbol of solidarity, compassion, and hope, reminding these resilient individuals that they are not forgotten and that brighter days lie ahead.

Giving Where It Is Most Needed

If you prefer, you have the option to distribute your donation to "where most needed." This choice allows us to direct your generosity to areas and communities that need urgent support, ensuring that your contribution reaches those who are in dire need. By selecting this choice, you become a beacon of light, shining compassion and aid into the lives of individuals facing immediate challenges. Your compassion and generosity can make a lasting impact during this Eid, reaching far beyond the boundaries of any specific region, and touching the lives of countless individuals who are yearning for a glimmer of hope and relief.

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