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On May 26, 2024, the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip was attacked, hitting a safe zone and shelters. At least 45 people, including women and children, were killed, and many more were injured and lost their homes. This attack has made a dire situation even worse. Now, no place is safe for the people of Rafah. They urgently need our help and support.

The Humanitarian Impact

The people of Rafah are enduring profound suffering:

Huge Displacement Crisis at Rafah (The place was once labeled as safe Zone): Since the outbreak of war on October 14, 2023, Gaza has witnessed a mass displacement of families seeking refuge in Rafah, many were forced to leave their homes and get temporary shelter at Rafah.

Due to Israeli recent attacks, a place labeled by them as a safe zone has been bombarded. Palestinians are not safe even in safe zones. Before the Rafah Attack, Thousands of individuals and families were displaced and are currently residing in makeshift shelters under harsh conditions.

Families with innocent kids are cramped in tents and seek refuge in unstable structures at risk of collapsing. This unprecedented displacement demands urgent attention and action to ensure the safety and dignity of those affected.

Healthcare Crisis: The local hospitals are facing overwhelming challenges due to severe shortages of medical provisions and staff. Immediate medical assistance is imperative to care for the injured individuals and prevent further loss of lives.

Water and Food Insecurity: Gaza faces severe water and food insecurity, with limited access to clean water and nutritious food affecting the health and well-being of the people. Many families struggle to meet their basic needs due to ongoing conflict and economic blockades.  

How You Can Help in Rafah

Donate: Your contribution will help us to provide life-saving medical support, shelter, food, water and sanitation supplies directly to the Palestinians. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust works hard to offer humanitarian aid to Gaza, please donate to the Gaza Emergency Appeal.

Raise Awareness: Share this appeal with your friends, family, and networks to help us reach more people in need of assistance. Increased awareness can lead to greater support and international attention to the crisis.

Advocate: Call your local reps and tell them to support humanitarian aid in Gaza. Political advocacy could lead to enhanced financial support from various agencies and even international intervention to alleviate the misery.

Stand with Rafah : Your Help is Their Hope

The recent assault on Rafah highlights the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, resulting in the loss of innocent lives and the devastation of communities. Your kindness and compassion have the power to bring hope and assistance to those enduring hardships. Together, we can create a positive impact and strive for a future free from such tragic events.

Please join us in supporting Rafah. Demonstrate humanitarianism and sympathy by sending your donations to Al Mustafa Welfare Trust today. Even a small contribution can provide them with a chance of survival after this horrific attack.". You could donate zakat, Sadaqah or any other kind of charity to our Gaza Emergency Appeal.

Your generous contributions will be utilized to provide vital lifesaving packages, medical aid, food, water, as well as essential items such as hygiene kits. These supplies play a critical role in aiding the residents of Rafah in recovering from the tragic incident and reconstructing their livelihoods.

Donate now to our Gaza Emergency Appeal. 

Your donations can change Palestinians’ lives by delivering them essential humanitarian supplies. Act now and help show the people of Rafah that they are not forgotten and alone in this hour of need.

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