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Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, in close collaboration with UNRWA, is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of Palestinians. Together, we provide essential support and hope to those affected by the crisis, offering meals, shelter, medical care, and restoring basic services and rebuilding infrastructure

In the recent UNRWA Health Team Update, Dr. Ghada Aljadba, Chief of the UNRWA Health Program in Gaza, highlighted the critical medical needs in the region. She provided statistics on the overall situation in hospitals and healthcare shelters, stating that over 60% of Gaza is destroyed, resulting in 8 million displacements, the continuous loss of healthcare assets, 36,284 Palestinian fatalities, approximately 1.7 million internally displaced persons, and 82,057 reported injuries which has also increased the need of physiotherapy.

She reported Significant losses in medical supplies, with only 14 out of 36 hospitals functional, 6 field hospitals operational, and 40% of health facilities (39 out of 97) functional.  Out of 24 UNRWA health centers, only 7 remain operational which is leading to severe strain on the remaining facilities. The impact on health is equally severe. While a lack of hygiene and sanitation in healthcare shelters has led to a rise in infectious diseases, UNRWA combats malnutrition by providing nutritional supplements and vaccinations to children aged 6 months to 5 years.

Dr. Ghada Aljadba, Chief of the UNRWA Health Program in Gaza, has provided detailed insights into the situation. The statistics reveal continuous loss and damage to healthcare assets, severe difficulties in operating health services due to electricity loss. She reported: an increase in 10 different diseases, 800,000 respiratory infections cases, and 442,000 cases of diarrhea, including 111,070 children under 5. 

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Food insecurity, water and sanitation issues further exacerbate the crisis. Food scarcity necessitates nutritional support, while the lack of clean water and proper sanitation in shelters poses significant health risks. As a key ally of UNRWA, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust plays a vital role in supporting UNRWA to deliver emergency relief, reconstruction, and rehabilitation initiatives through the generous contributions of our donors. With this partnership, we want to ensure that essential services like healthcare and emergency relief continue. Our UNRWA partner staff works tirelessly to keep health centers and hospitals operational, provide nutritional support and vaccinations to children, and address severe food insecurity and sanitation issues. These relentless efforts aim to alleviate suffering and improve the lives of Gaza's inhabitants.

To address these challenges further, there are currently several priority areas that UNRWA is focusing on:

  • Financial support to recruit local staff, since the Rafah Border is closed the need for medical aid is greater than ever
  • Funds to restore hospitals to full functionalities to save lives.

Aside from our partnership with UNRWA, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is also engaged in ongoing projects with the Palestinian Red Cresent, the Egyptian Red Crescent and the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization to distribute emergency aid, food, water, medical supplies, surgical equipment, ambulances etc. We collaborate with a variety of trusted organizations and partners to maximize the effort and support in Gaza.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust urges donations for Palestine to support critical health services in Gaza and other basic needs through our Gaza Emergency Appeal.

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