On 22nd March every year, we celebrate World Water Day, a basic necessity for survival. Can you imagine living a day without having access to safe and drinkable water? 2.2 billion People do. There is a world where clean water, essential for survival, is a blessing many can't access. This is a harsh reality for countless people around the world.

Around 3.6 million people die from water related diseases every year. Out of these, 2.2 million are children. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is witnessing this hardship firsthand in Africa, Pakistan, Palestine, Yemen and many other countries. On this World Water Day, let’s raise the awareness for the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water and donate water for life.

Water Scarcity: A Global Challenge 

Water scarcity is not a local problem but a global challenge and it is getting worse every single day. With the increase of human population worldwide, the availability of freshwater resources is dwindling, leading to severe consequences for both people and the environment. Millions of families around the world are using contaminated water sources on a daily basis which is causing waterborne diseases and illness, especially in children. This is the reality for many in the regions we serve.

Water Crisis in Pakistan 

Pakistan is a country blessed with many rivers but yet facing severe water crisis in many remote villages. Clean water is a distant dream for many families. Women and children in these areas often bear the brunt where they are spending hours and walking miles to collect drinkable clean water. Even after, the water they find is often contaminated, putting families' health at risk. Spending hours every day leading to lost educational opportunities and health concerns.

Water Injustice in Palestine

Due to the ongoing war and long-lasting blockade, Palestinian families in Gaza are struggling to get clean drinking water. Many innocent children in Gaza bear the brunt of this crisis the most, where their innocent smiles are dimmed by the unspoken plea for help. This World Water Day urges us for the urgent need for action and compassion. Help Gaza by donating water tanks to support innocent Palestinian families.

Our Contribution in Providing Clean Water

Al Mustafa Welfare trust is building a future where clean water is a reality, not a dream. Our teams are actively working on grounds of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Yemen, Africa and many other countries where we are ensuring the access to clean and drinking water for those in need. With over 1 million beneficiaries are now enjoying the benefits of clean water. We achieve this through innovative solutions – from deep water wells and community water tanks to electric water supplies and water purification plant. So far, we have drilled 14,642 hand pumps, 7,867 electric water wells, 6,379 water wells, 434 community water wells, completed 801 school based water projects and installed 29 solar water wells.

Donate water water in Pakistan

How Can You Contribute?

Building a sustainable water resource is a Sadqah Jariyah, an ongoing charity that rewards you even after death. Here is how you can contribute your part in our water delivery mission.

  • Donate Water Hand Pump: By donating a hand pump, you can bring clean water to up to 40 families in a remote village struggling with poverty.
  • Donate Water Well: By donating water well, we will be able to provide clean water to up to 60 families in a remote village struggling with poverty.
  • Donate Electric Water Wells: We will install electric water wells near schools, hospitals and mosque that can benefits up to 600 people every single day.
  • Donate Solar Community Water Well: Your donation can provide clean water access to up to 2,000 people in a village every single day ü Donate Small Water Purification Plant: Donate small water wells and water purification plants which can provide 1,000 liters fresh and clean water every hour.
  • Donate Large Water Purification Plant: Sponsor a large water purification plant which can provides 2,000 litres clean water every hour.
  • Donate Water to Palestine: Help us deliver water to Gaza, Palestine where families and innocent lives are struggling to drink clean water.

On this World Water Day 2024, stand with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, and with your generous donations, help us deliver clean and safe water to needy families worldwide.

Donate Water for Life 

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