Ramadan 2024 is fast approaching – a time for increased prayer, reflection, and generosity.

This Ramadan, the team here at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust are committed to assisting our disadvantaged brothers and sisters across the world, thanks to your ongoing support and generosity. Join us as we feed the hungry, provide life-changing eye camps and cataract surgeries, and support vulnerable orphans and families – providing the hope for a better, brighter future for all.

Help Us Beat the Hunger

There is little worse than waking up hungry and going to bed starving, struggling to source enough food to get by on a daily basis.

One in every eight people in the world wakes up to hunger every day. That is a worrying statistic, but what is perhaps even more startling is the fact that there is more than enough food in the world to feed everyone; things do not have to be this way.

With your support, we can change this reality for millions of vulnerable people and disadvantaged families around the world – working together to provide much-needed sustenance and beat global hunger.

Hamad Ahmad’s Story

The Al Mustafa Welfare Trust team first met Hamad Ahmad in Lahore in November 2021. The teenager was just eleven years old when his mother died, leaving him with no choice but to look after his younger brother, Yusuf, who was nine, and his sisters Yamna, eight, and Halima, four.

The children’s father had deserted them following their mother’s death, and the family were left alone, orphaned, with no way to earn money to buy the food they desperately needed to survive.

Thanks to the continued kindness and generosity of our donors, Hamad and his siblings now benefit from one of our programmes which has been designed to help some of the most vulnerable people who cannot work afford to buy the food they need. Now, Hamad and his sister Yamna cook all the meals for their family. They eat roti and lentils every single day, and sometimes vegetables as well if they are fortunate enough to be able to buy them.

Hamad said:

“I cook Roti with lentil. The money I get from the grant is what I live on. We buy food from the market and we grow a few vegetables behind the house.”

His brother Yusuf said:

“It’s not easy to get new clothes – our priority is food.”

Their sister Yamna added that she desperately wanted shoes but all the money they had needed to go towards buying food.

The money that Hamad and his family receive is essential, but rising food prices in countries including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, as well as ongoing conflict in Myanmar, Gaza and Syria, are making our lifesaving work so much more difficult.

Hunger can grind down hope and make life a lot harder. Without the food they have been able to buy with the money from our programme, Hamad and his siblings would have been too weak and tired from hunger to walk the hour it takes them to get to school each day. Similarly, without access to education, they would have little or no chance to escape the devastating effects of the cycle of poverty.

Ramadan 2024: Feed the Hungry

Hamad’s story is just one out of many examples we could give you to show just how much of an impact hunger can have on a child’s life.

The act of feeding the hungry brings great reward in Islam – especially during the Holy month of Ramadan.

This Ramadan, we are committed to reaching out to as many impoverished people, families, and children as we can. It is our belief that no one should have to go without, especially during this blessed month. That is why we aim to ensure that as many vulnerable people as possible have sufficient food for suhoor and iftar.

As Ramadan 2024 approaches, it’s time to make a change for the better. Let’s be the generation that can feed the hungry and finally start to put an end to global hunger once and for all.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of millions of children like Hamad all around the world. If you can, please donate to our Feed the Fasting appeal and give what you can to put a nutritious meal on a hungry child’s plate this Ramadan.

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