One in eight people in the world wake up to hunger. However, there is enough food in the world to feed everyone. Together with your help we can change this for millions of families especially children like 13 year old Hamad Ahmad. We met Hamad Ahmad in Lahore in November 2015. He was just eleven years old when his mother died, leaving him to look after his younger brother Yusuf Ahmed who was nine, and his sisters Yamna and Halima, eight and four. Their father had deserted the children after the mother died. They had no way to earn money to buy the food they needed. Hamad now benefits from a Al Mustafa Trust-designed programme to help the most vulnerable children and people to afford the food they need as they cannot work but rising food prices in third world countries as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and also war effected countries as Burma, Gaza and Syria are making that much harder. Hamad and his sister, Yamna cook all the meals for the family. They eat Rotti (Asian bread) and lentil every single day and sometime vegetable (if they are fortunate enough to buy vegetables). Hamad said, “I cook Rotti with lentil. The money I get from the grant is what I live on. We buy food from the market and we grow few vegetables behind the house.” 12 year old Yusuf added, “It’s not easy to get new clothes – our priority is food.” 6 year old Yamna said, “She desperately wanted shoes but all the money they had needed to go towards buying food”. Hunger can grind down hope and make life hard. Without the food brought through this cash transfer programme, Hamad and his brother and sisters would be too tired from hunger to walk the hour it takes them to get to school. Without an education, they would have little or no chance of escaping the cycle of poverty. Hammad’s story is one example of how children are affected by hunger. This Ramadan 2016, Al Mustafa Trust has provided food with rice, flour, sugar, tea, cooking oil and lentils to 203 families, approximately 1218 people in various countries as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Gambia, Somalia, Gaza and Syria. It’s time to make a change. Let’s be the generation that starts to put an end to hunger. Together we will make a difference for millions of children like Hamad around the world. 

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