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Wishing you and your family Eid Mubarak!

We have now stopped taking qurbani for 2019.

We have many other campaigns though, all equally in need of your kind support.

Since 1983, we have been delivering your donations and Qurbani meat to millions of people. Every year we strive to reach distant areas of developing countries where the poorest people reside. We make sure that the most vulnerable people are provided with Qurbani meat first - women, children, elderly and refugees fleeing war and conflict.

Burma success story

It is estimated that 80% of the Rohingya refugees currently in Bangladesh are women and children – some of the most vulnerable members of society. Many arrived exhausted, weak with hunger and traumatised in search of shelter and food.

 Our team on the ground served cooked Qurbani meat in the refugee camp in order to rejoice, regroup, and rekindle the spirits of those living there.

 Sadeeqa was excited:

“We are a very poor family. Getting this meat was a dream for us; I am so pleased with this Qurbani cooked meat that you gave to us today. My siblings are so happy; they’ve been asking me for meat all this time. May Almighty Allah bless you.”

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Pakistan success story

For many of us, fresh quality meat on Eid is the norm, but for the world’s poorest communities this is considered a very rare luxury. Many families in rural communities are unable to afford a kilogram of meat for their families and it is worse yet for orphans, widows and poor families as they are already struggling to buy the everyday food and sustenance essentials required to live.

 Therefore, the distribution of Halal meat on the festive day of Eid-al-Adha helps to fulfil and alleviate their suffering, thanks to your generous Qurbani donations.

 Salih greatly appreciates the gift of Qurbani to keep her strength up. She said; 

“We will eat this meat for two days. We haven’t eaten meat for a few months because we don’t have enough money to buy it as it is very expensive. Thank you so much.”

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Somalia success story

Somalia is in the midst of an extreme drought that is putting more than two million lives at risk through starvation and dehydration. A lack of access to nutritious food leaves people weak, causes illness and can ultimately lead to death.

AMWT is keen to ensure that we help make Eid ul-Adha extra special for those living in food poverty, weak from hunger. By making it possible to supply your Qurbani to vulnerable families living in poverty, you are helping those most in need to receive meat, a rare luxury, allowing them to enjoy the festive season, too.
Hadiyyah continued:

“My family is struggling for simple food, every day we are not sure from where to get it. Thanks to AMWT and their generous donors for giving us this luxury; my children will enjoy meat after a year without. We have already forgotten the taste of it”.

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Syria success story

The Syrian war is currently the second deadliest of the 21st century and is causing widespread and severe human rights violations and massacres of innocent civilians. As a result, the conflict has caused a major refugee crisis; support to the people of Syria is literally a matter of life or death.

AMWT aims to alleviate some of the suffering felt by the families and children living in Syrian refugee camps by distributing cooked meat to them, so they can celebrate Eid Al-Adha and have the same feelings of happiness as the whole Muslim world during these blessed days.

Asiya added in a joyous voice,

Eating Qurbani meat is amazing! You made us smile. We had [a] really amazing time during the festival. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

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Qurbani is the act of sacrificing an animal – usually a goat, sheep, cow or camel) on Eid-ul-Adha, following Eid prayers. 


Many Muslims choose to donate Qurbani to a family in need. Learn more about requirements and other facts about Qurbani.


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