“I am the eldest of my siblings. After my father was killed during the mob attacks, all I could think was, how are we going to survive?” –Salama

Salama and her siblings lost their father during a racist mob attack in Rakhine, Myanmar. The Rohingya Muslims who live here have been persecuted, killed and driven out of their homes. Salama is only 14 years old, but her brothers and sisters all look to her now as the one responsible for their family. Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) has been providing relief in this area since 2012. We’ve provided shelter for the displaced families, and have been supplying them with food and basic healthcare. A year ago, Salama came to one of AMWT’s relief camps, looking for food. When our team found out how old she was, they offered to put her on AMWT’s Orphan Sponsorship programme. Salama was overjoyed. Along with her father, all of the men in her family had been killed. There was no one that could provide for them. It wasn’t long before we found a sponsor for Salama, which has benefitted the whole family. Since then, we’ve been providing them with food, clothing and basic necessities. Salama is now getting an education. She feels like she is able to support her family through the sponsorship she receives. in a humanitarian crisis situation, orphan girls like Salama don’t stand a chance. They are defenceless against exploitation and mistreatment. While in spite of their vulnerability, they are forced to take on responsibilities bigger than themselves. For just under £1 a day, we can provide support and protection to children like Salama. £1 a day is nothing, compared to all that these children have lost and stand to lose. Please help us. Your donation could rescue an orphan girl in Myanmar. 

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