Rising levels of ethnic and religious strife, conflict and insecurity have further limited the country's capacity to deal effectively with persistent poverty. In recent years the rising tendency of terrorism has compelled people to migrate their home places to live in safe shelters. The family of Omar Mohamed Ghoneim is one of the worst affected people in Palestine living in a slum in Gaza. Omar and his wife and five children had to migrate his home town in Gaza after a terror attack in 2013. Omar works as a labour almost 18 hours a day to feed his family. He says, “I hardly can provide proper food to my family in this rising prices of necessities". Omar further says, “I don’t even remember when my family had meats in their diets last time”. Fortunately, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s Qurbani distribution program, made it possible to eat meat during Eid for the family of Omar and many others like him. Omar’s children were so grateful. One child, Tasneem expressed her happiness in these words, “It was real Eid for us this time while we ate meat of Qurbani. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is determined to provide Qurbani meats to Omar Mohamed Ghoniem’s family and many others this year as well with your generous donations. Please donate to Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s Food Aid programme, so we can continue providing Qurbani meats to millions needy throughout the world.

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