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Mohammad Deen comes from a village in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Before he received a Hafiz Quran Sponsorship from Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT), he used to spend his days helping his father with his carpentry work.

The family got by on a small income and couldn’t afford an education for Mohammad. Mohammad’s father, Jakir Hussain, was very keen on giving his sone the chance to learn and memorise the Holy Quran. He sought out AMWT’s Bangladesh team after he’d heard about the Hafiz Quran Sponsorship Programme. Our staff carried out Mohammad’s application and soon one of AMWT’s generous donors sponsored Mohammad’s Hafiz course.

Mohammad proved to be an exceptional student who completed his Hafiz course in two and a half years. Now he is in full time education, and on his way to becoming an Islamic Scholar. Mohammad’s studies are still being funded by AMWT’s Hafiz Sponsorship Programme.

“Me and my wife were disappointed that we couldn’t support our son to be Hafiz,” said Jakir Hussain, “but Alhumdulillah, Allah (swt) has helped us and we are grateful to AMWT for giving our son this opportunity.”

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