Muhammad Waseem was only one when he lost his father in the Kashmir earthquake of 2005. Left to fend for herself and her three children, his mother had no source of income. Soon they became homeless. It was two years later that Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) found Waseem and his family. The children were severely undernourished. Their mother was desperate save them from destitution.

In April 2007 Waseem received a Hafiz Sponsorship and was admitted into our local orphanage school, Al Mustafa Trust. In the care of our dedicated orphanage staff, Waseem is learning the Holy Quran and also receiving a regular education.

Waseem’s teachers are often moved by the earnest effort he puts into his studies. At such a young age, he feels the weight of responsibility towards his mother and two sisters. Their hope for a better future is riding on him.

AMWT’s Hafiz Sponsorship programme doesn’t just give underprivledged children the chance to memorise the Quran. It offers them hope of a better future through education, and often even a more secure present.

Please sponsor a Hafiz today, and help us get more children like Mohammad Waseem off the streets, and into class rooms.

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