Mohammad Rafiq Ahmad is 9 years-old. He became an orphan at the age three, when his father, a day labourer, died of kidney failure. Mohammad Rafiq and his mother were left to fend for themselves without a home or an income.

Mohammad Rafiq came to our orphanage in Muzaffarabad in the April of 2012. AMWT staff found him a sponsor, and soon he was enrolled onto a Hafiz Quran course. Today, Mohammad Rafiq is getting a primary school education, and continuing his Quran studies. He’s found a home at the orphanage, and a family among his friends, teachers and carers.

During his most recent exams, Mohammad Rafiq achieved 95% for his overall score. A hard working boy who is always smiling, he says he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. With on going support from his sponsor, his dream could become a reality.

Please help us provide for other orphans like Mohammad Rafiq who have no chance of a secure today, let alone a promising future. Sponsor a hafiz for only 50p a day.

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