“I was so hopeless I couldn’t even share my feelings with my family. I had never imagined that I would become so dependent on others in my old age.”

Muhammad Akmal lived with glaucoma for many years but couldn’t afford treatment or surgery. Eventually his eyesight grew worse until he lost it completely. Blindness took away his independence. He would have continued to suffer in silence if your help hadn’t reached him.

At age 70, Muhammad Akmal is still able bodied despite those ailments common to old age. With his eyesight recently restored, he is more active than ever. Muhammad suffered from untreated glaucoma for so long, he’d lost all hope that he’d ever be able to see again. The disease was what forced him to retire after 30 years of hard labour at a local factory in his hometown, Faisalabad. Thankfully by then, his children were able to fend for themselves and care for him. But being a burden on others has been difficult for Muhammad Akmal to bear.

It’s a common story in the developing world: struggling to provide for his family, Muhammad Akmal was forced to neglect his own health. In any case, he never could afford treatment. On the few occasions that he was able to see a doctor, he would always return home disheartened by the high cost of eye-surgery fees.

When Muhammad Akmal visited Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) eye-care camp on the outskirts of Faisalabad, he’d never have imagined he’d be able to see again. For him, everything from the free surgery to his restored vision was nothing short of a miracle.

Muhammad Akmal is now able to move around on his own and carry out his own daily needs without relying on others. Whereas before he was practically housebound, he can now attend his local mosque for prayers. He is happiest about the fact that he can read Qur’an again. This would not have been possible without your support.

At AMWT we provide free eye-care in underprivileged communities; sight restoring surgery where needed; as well as rehabilitation for the permanently blind. To date, we’ve restored eyesight to over 30,000 people across two continents, and we haven’t stopped yet. AMWT has put your 2016 donations in action by committing to launch 100 Eye Care camps across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Somalia and Gaza. This will boost our outreach to an estimated 50,000 people, with the potential to fund 3000 cataract surgeries.

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