Blindness doesn’t just perpetuate poverty. It is also caused by it. Studies have shown that visual impairment is more prevalent in impoverished communities than it is in affluent ones. In most cases, blindness is easily avoidable but people just can’t afford the treatment. It’s a common story. It was the story of Abdul Rahman from Mian Chunnu, Pakistan.

At age 65, Abdul Rahman still works as a labourer at a brick factory. He works nearly 18 hours a day, without breaks. Though he's nearing old age and his health isn't what it used to be, Abdul Rahman has to do this to support his family. Yet still his meagre salary barely suffices to pay for his children’s schooling.

Until a few months ago, Abdul Rahman was worried that blindness would eventually cost him his job. It had been ten years since he lost his eyesight in one eye, and he only had the other to rely on. But he was aware that his vision was deteriorating. Abdul Rahman had previously tried visiting a private clinic to have his eyes checked but he couldn’t afford the fees for the operation that would be required. It was a blessing and a miracle then when Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust’s (AMWT) mobile eye-care camp came to his village.

Abdul Rahman was diagnosed with cataracts and offered free surgery by our medical staff. Today, after ten years of partial blindness, he can see clearly with both eyes. At AMWT we provide free eye-care and sight-restoring surgeries in underprivileged communities. To date, we’ve restored eyesight to over 30,000 people across two continents, and we haven’t stopped yet.

A mere £35 can give one person like Abdul Raham independence through the ability to see. It can restore his/her confidence and dignity. It can enable him/her to be self-reliant and work for a living. It can save a family from destitution.

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