Thousands are suffering right now in violent clashes that are devastating the Gaza border.

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Residents of Gaza are in desperate need of support and aid after violent clashes broke out along the border, leaving many civilians dead and thousands injured.

Whilst strict militant border control prevents basic necessities such as food and medicine being brought into the country, residents continue to live on in fear of daily invasions; leading to further chaos, injuries and fatalities every day. As a result of this, the necessary emergency and medical supplies cannot make it to the victims, leaving them at risk of further injury or even worse.

Over 120,000 residents have been left without homes and without any access to water – which is vital for survival - due to the horrendous damage caused to Gaza infrastructure.

Thousands of innocent Gaza children have been left distraught with over 21,000 being orphaned as a result of losing their parents to the conflict. Entire schools have been destroyed whilst hospitals, primary health facilities and valuable medical equipment have been devastated, resulting in a severe lack of medical aid. The few hospitals that remain are overflowing with injured residents, including children, and the numbers of casualties are only expected to rise.

Donate Towards the Gaza Emergency Appeal

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is running an emergency appeal to provide civilians with food, water, survival packs and access to medical camps for those wounded, especially innocent children.

We urgently need your donations to enable us to help support these victims who are left with very little hope as the struggle for survival becomes more challenging by the day.

Your donations will go towards providing those afflicted with immediate medical aid and eventually helping Gaza to rebuild important life-dependent centres. It will also provide much-needed support to those who have been left with life-changing injuries and will require ongoing support and rehabilitation.

Please donate towards the Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Gaza Emergency Appeal and help us to support our innocent brothers and sisters in need today.


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