Thousands are suffering right now due to violent clashes that are devastating the Gaza border. Donate to Palestine today and help Gaza overcome the shocking effects of the ongoing conflict.

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Support Our Gaza Emergency Appeal

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust needs your support in order to help those caught up in the ongoing troubles in Gaza. Thousands of families have been left with little more than the most basic supplies, totalling over 120,000 residents who have no choice but to live without the bare necessities.

The most vulnerable members of society are at the greatest risk – and it’s even more heartbreaking to learn that more than 21,000 children have been orphaned as a result of the conflict. Countless innocent children have grown up knowing nothing other than disaster and chaos. Now, they must fend for themselves after losing their families, friends, loved ones, and everything they once held dear.

Help Gaza: This Is Not What They Deserve

It is a basic human right to live without fear, but in Gaza, this simple fact is a privilege reserved for very few people – if any at all. A child’s biggest fear should be nothing more complicated than preparing to sit exams at school, certainly not the uncertainty of whether or not they will see another sunrise.

As a charity actively working in Gaza alongside those most in need of support, we see the pain and suffering that these people are experiencing first-hand. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is tirelessly working to support those in need through our Gaza emergency appeal. Donate to Palestine today to help us send aid to families and orphans most affected by the conflict. Our team has been there tending to young and old, those who have known better times and those who know no different, but there are always more people in need of our assistance.

While we do our utmost to care for every individual in need, our resources can only stretch so far – and sadly, this isn’t far enough. There is always another family in need, another injured or elderly person requiring urgent medical attention, or another child who has had no choice but to walk for miles in search of their next meal.

Life is a constant struggle for so many of these innocent people, yet we are dedicated to helping as many people as we can through our Gaza appeal.

How Are Your Gaza Donations Helping?

The majority of Gaza’s schools and hospitals have been destroyed, leaving very little behind for those who remain amongst the ruins. The few hospitals that are still standing are overcrowded – and more individuals urgently requiring medical attention are constantly arriving.

However, with your help, we can do our best to ensure that everyone is given the support they desperately need. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust is providing survival packs and essential medical care to support people in Palestine, so donate and help us give them the strength they need to hope for a brighter future.

Understandably, food and medical supplies are in very short supply. Without the Palestine donations we have already received, and the charity work we have already carried out in Gaza, the number of people forced to go hungry or get turned away without medical help would be far higher.

We will not rest until we can give every resident the help they urgently need. In order to help the people of Gaza, donate what you can today and help us to continue changing lives for the better.

How to Help People in Gaza with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust

You can aid Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s efforts in Gaza by donating to our Gaza emergency appeal today. Whether you want to help supply nutritious food packages and lifesaving medical aid to those in need, or you would like to donate to a water appeal for the people of Gaza, every contribution will be gratefully received.

Feed a Family for a Month - £55

Just £55 will keep a family fed for an entire month. Family food packs include essentials like rice, flour, sugar, tea, and cooking oil.

Emergency Relief Pack - £300

For £300, a family can be provided with all the essentials they need to survive. One of our emergency relief packs includes ready meals, clean water, hygiene essentials, sleeping bags, a small tent, and a baby chest carrier.

Emergency Medical Camp - £1,000

We fully understand that not everyone is able to make such a large donation, but a number of smaller donations can be brought together to help fund an emergency medical camp that can treat up to 200 sick and injured people.

This is your chance to do what you can to help. Palestine charity donations have the power to transform lives and give vulnerable, impoverished people the opportunity to hope for a better future.

Please donate to Gaza today and help us to continue supporting these people in their time of need.

Thousands are suffering right now due to violent clashes that are devastating the Gaza border. Donate to Palestine today and help Gaza overcome the shocking effects of the ongoing conflict.

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