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Al Mustafa Welfare Trust needs your support in order to help those caught up in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Thousands of families have been left with little more than the most basic supplies. Over 120,000 residents are left with no choice but to live without the bare necessities.

The majority of Gaza’s schools and hospitals have been destroyed. Those few that are still standing are overcrowded. Medicine & medical treatments have become unaffordable.

Similarly, food & clean water is in very short supply. Without your donations and the charity work we have already carried out in Gaza, the number of people forced to go hungry or get turned away without medical help would be far higher.

Help us to reach even more people in Gaza! Donate what you can today and help us to continue to change the lives of the Palestinian people for the better.

Our teams are exclusively working with UN registered partners to provide essential aid.

 Latest: Coronavirus IN GAZA 

With confirmed cases of coronavirus infections in Palestine, the Palestinian Authority is struggling to cope with the pandemic with its limited resources and the weak healthcare system.

Lockdown measures will have catastrophic effects on the lives of Palestinian while having a constant struggle for food each day. About 80 per cent of the residents already live under the poverty line, and the besieged government is barely able to provide them with essential food. This will push many people to ignore the restrictions on movement as they would have obliged to leave their homes to find any work so they could afford something for their children to eat.

With your support, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been working hard to deliver daily essentials on the doorstep of Palestinian while they remain under lockdown due to COVID - 19 outbreak.

 How we are helping the people of gaza 

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Thousands suffering due to violent clashes that's devastating the Gaza border. Donate to Palestine today and help Gaza overcome the ongoing conflict effects.

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