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 latest: rohingya refugee camp fire 

 in cox's bazar, bangladesh 

On Monday 22nd March 2021, a fierce fire tore through a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. At least 15 people have died, and this figure is expected to rise. At least 400 people are still missing. Tens of thousands of shelters have been destroyed, leaving up to 50,000 people devastated.

The Rohingya people have experienced unimaginable hardship for years, as since 2017, over 1 million Rohingya refugees fled unspeakable violence in Myanmar (Burma). Half of all Rohingya refugees are children, and families were violently forced from their homes and had no choice but to cross the border into neighbouring Bangladesh, where they have been living in over-crowded camps for almost four years.

This devastating fire has taken so much from people who already had so little. At least 45,000 people are now completely homeless with no shelter or protection, and their few belongings have been destroyed. Essential facilities in the camps including health posts, aid distribution points, education centres, water wells access and women’s support services have also been damaged in the fire.

Rohingya refugees have already experienced so much heartbreak and suffering, and this fire is an additional blow they are forced to face. They are in urgent need of support. They need shelter, food, clothing and essential medical aid. Our teams are on the ground ready to offer support to those affected by the fire.

Donate today to our Rohingya Refugee Emergency response so we can provide life-saving aid to those in need.

Support Al Mustafa Welfare Trust’s Burma Charity Appeal

The Rohingya have been persecuted for decades, but the worsening conflict has put these already-vulnerable people in even more danger over recent months. Since August 2017, the Rakhine State, Myanmar (Burma), historically home to many of the Rohingya, has been suffering through a worsening state of emergency. To date, it is estimated that over 850,000 people have lost their lives as a result of the ongoing conflict – a worrying statistic.

Similarly, some of the most essential supplies are in high demand and short supply. This means that many vital resources like food, shelter, medical supplies, and clean water are simply not accessible. Add to this the very real threat of exploitation for the most vulnerable members of society – orphans, young people, and the elderly – and you begin to see just how much of a challenge daily life is for the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh.

Working on the ground

Here at Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, we are fully committed to doing everything we can to help and support the Rohingya refugees during their time of greatest need. Our Myanmar (Burma) appeal sends aid directly to those most at risk, ensuring that help reaches even those who have all but given up hope. We are dedicated to assisting the Rohingya refugees. Charity in the UK and across the world should have one goal – to help those in need – and that is what we constantly work towards.

Thanks to your continued generosity and kindness towards the Rohingya people and the refugees in Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma), donations and aid from our Rohingya appeal have been able to ease the suffering of countless vulnerable individuals.


Inzali is a seven-year-old girl. She explains her situation in her own words:

"Out of the five in my family, my father and one of my brothers died 2 years ago. Me, my mother and elder brother used to live in upper Myanmar. Since my father died, my mother worked as a seller to support the family. However, her earnings were not enough, so we had to move to my Uncle’s house when I was in second grade.

While busy in struggling to meetup our needs, we were unaware that another crisis is waiting just around the corner. Due to the most recent outbreak of conflict in Myanmar, we had to flee our homes and communities for survival.”

The Rohingya are one of the most persecuted groups of people in the world today. Many have been left with no choice but to flee their homes and......

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Imagine walking for six days with no food and water. 

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