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This winter will be the toughest yet for communities around the world.

As temperatures begin to fall and we experience, snow, icy winds and frosty mornings, many families worldwide will struggle to stay warm. In the UK, many people are facing impossible decisions to stay warm, safe and fed.

For vulnerable communities around the world, winter can be deadly. Millions of families in Pakistan lost everything in the recent floods, and now face a deadly winter with no shelter or warmth. They are at more risk than ever.

Refugees in countries like Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, and Bangladesh don’t have a place to call home, or a warm house with blankets, hot food and clean water. Impoverished families in cold regions of Burma and Kashmir will experience conditions so icy, that even a simple cold could become fatal.

This winter, we need to come together to help each other, and especially those most in need. This year, let us survive winter together.

Donate now and help us make this a winter of Life. .

Your donation could provide

Winter Essentials

which include thermal blankets, hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, and socks

Your donation could provide

Winter Family Food Pack

One month essentials which includes flour, rice, cooking oil, salt, tea, lentils, sugar, dates, chilli, powder milk and juices.

Your donation could provide

Solid Winter Shelter

Can provide a solid shelter to families living in refugee camps or help repair & protect broken houses from the winter cold

Your donation could provide

Winter Survival Pack

provides ready meals, sleeping bag, water, hygiene essentials. Heater with 80kg of coal & a small tent

Your donation will go

Towards Re-building Houses

Help repair and re-construct damaged houses of flood victims in Pakistan.

Your donation will

Re-build one House

Repair and re-construct a severely damaged house of flood victims in Pakistan.

a tough winter ahead for the Pakistan Floods Victims

The devastating floods in Pakistan have left over 33 million people in desperate need of assistance.

Thousands of villages were pushed under water, precious lives lost, livelihoods ruined and over 2 million houses have been destroyed. Millions of people are currently homeless, and since the floods have been living in temporary camps or on the streets, without shelter to protect them, or food, clean water or the healthcare they eagerly need. Now, as winter begins to set in across the continent, these vulnerable families are at even greater risk. This winter in Pakistan will see a marked rise in illness and suffering as families who lost everything have no protection or safety.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust has been on the ground supporting the people of Pakistan as soon as devastation struck. Now, we are focusing on Rebuilding Pakistan by rebuilding homes. By building houses, we’ll help offer families hope, security and a chance to build a bright future once again after all the loss.

Donate now and help us make this a winter of Life. 



Winter Essential Packs Distributed


Winter Food Packs Distributed


Blankets Distributed


Heaters Distributed


Temporary Shelters Provided

our Uk winter projects

In the UK, 30% of all children live in poverty. The Food Foundation estimates 1.97 million people within the UK may be undernourished, while other sources estimate this figure to be as high at 3 million

There are almost 275,000 people homeless and living in the streets, temporary shelters or unconventional buildings such as car parks and sheds. This winter, we need to come together and help ensure the most vulnerable of our society are able to survive and thrive by keeping them warm. We need to survive winter together.

We seek to provide ease and comfort to the homeless community throughout winter. Our dedicated teams of staff and volunteers carry out initiatives providing food, clothing and hygiene kits, helping people stay warm and safe. These outreach initiatives help us remind those in need that they are not alone and are not forgotten. Each distribution enables us to save lives, tackle bigger issues and helps us all survive winter together.

Donate now and help us make this a winter of Life. .

Donate now and help us make this a winter of Life. .

Select from single and monthly donations

Your donation could provide


Will sponsor four hot & nutritious meals which will each include a warm, cooked dish, a water bottle, a piece of fruit & a cereal bar.

Your donation could provide


Provide a family with a Family Support Pack containing groceries & essential items

Your donation could provide


Will provide jackets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, and shoes to those being forced to spend another winter out in the open.

success story


10-year old Zahra’s story: A childhood in a refugee camp

Ten-year-old Zahra is a Syrian refugee living in a make-shift home in a refugee camp. As well as fleeing her home amid violence and suffering, Zahra has suffered incredible, deep loss. Last year, her precious mother passed away, leaving a huge gaping hole in Zahra’s life.

While she longs for her mother’s touch and words of comfort, Zahra must be strong for her siblings and father. Their home fails to protect them. In the winter, it is terribly cold and throughout the year it becomes muddy and flooded due to rains. Zahra and her siblings often shiver through the nights worrying about getting unwell when the nearest hospital is still just way too far.

Like any child, Zahra dreams of safety, toys and joy. Instead, she worries about surviving. Will you help vulnerable families like Zahra’s?

You can provide families like Zahra’s with food, relief aid & medical aid so that they can stay healthy and safe. 


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