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 Winter Appeal 2019 

Millions of vulnerable refugees and impoverished people around the world are facing the prospect of another freezing winter without the necessary supplies they need to keep warm.

 Winter conditions at high altitude can bring snow, strong winds, heavy rain, and freezing temperatures. With these adverse conditions all too common, daily life becomes almost unbearable. In most refugee camps like Lebanon, nearly 80% of the 94,540 refugees are women and children, who are struggling to survive without emergency relief aid from our winter appeal. Similarly, the recent earthquake in Kashmir has left hundreds without a safe place to stay in the cold winter months.

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

 Countries we operate in 

 Our Emergency Relief Work 

The recent victims of the earthquake in Kashmir & Pakistan are about to face the toughest winter in years, as the earthquake stripped them away from most of their belongings and some are even left with no roof over their heads.

 We are also doing our best to reach the most vulnerable families at refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. We are committed to providing essential emergency relief items that they need in order to stay warm and survive. 

 In Gaza, we are helping those who are affected by the ongoing conflict and have no safe place to reside by distributing what items that are most needed including fuel, gas heaters, stoves, blankets, winter boots, mattresses, plastic sheeting, food parcels, winter clothes, pillows, and carpets to those most in need of our help. 

 Facing the Cold of Another Winter 

For many families, the prospect of another winter left out in the elements is almost too much to bear. Last winter, the harsh conditions at high altitudes made life extremely difficult for refugees & families living in makeshift shelters and as a result, many people suffered needlessly. 

 Our teams are working around the clock to protect vulnerable children from the harsh winter weather and give them a future to look forward to. We are there in refugee camps, emergency camps and host communities, ensuring that children have access to the food, water, and medical care that they desperately need.

Together, we can help thousands of people in need this winter. Last year, we distributed food packs to thousands of families with essential emergency relief items to help protect against the freezing temperatures and poor weather conditions. With your support, we hope to reach many more people in need this year. 


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