The monsoon floods come as Pakistan is facing an ongoing economic crisis, with high inflation making food staples more expensive.

Pakistan received 5.5 times more rain this year which caused urban flooding in major parts of country. Flood in Pakistan create disarray situation nationwide resulting 33 million displaced from their homes to available shelters (road sides or tents). They are living in the hardest time of their lives with no food to feed and no roofs to sleep under. The drainage will be the major work to be done but with no road connections or logistics. As a conclusion, things will go bad to worst in no time. In addition to that, another challenge to deal with is the water borne diseases like malaria and skin problems which may raise the problem graph soon.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust Pakistan staff & volunteers visited Choti Zareen in Dera Ghazi Khan. One of members Nusrat Saleem who is heading local relief opertions said the flood in Pakistan and extensive rains this year create a mournful devastating situation. People living there have no home or food. Their children are now fighting with different water borne diseases.

Al Mustafa Welfare trust is providing clean drinking water, tents, food supplies and cooked food to help the people in need. We all should step forward, unite and donate for this noble cause to support these people in this crucial time when young and elderly tend to live their days and nights roadsides under the sky with nothing to fed as this deadly flood in Pakistan took almost everything from them.

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