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Pakistan floods threaten food security as critical crops destroyed

The flood has greatly affected Pakistan and over 33 million people are struggling due to this natural disaster. This flood has washed away the cropland in major agricultural areas and people have no food to feed their loved ones. Half of the effected people are children who lost their community, schools, friends and belongings in front of their eyes. This challenging time brings more hardships as the flood water has no way to drain due to which the number of water borne diseases is increasing.

This situation is going bad to worst. Their condition is getting more vulnerable. People have lost all their assets due to this flood including land, home and cattle. The under privileged children have lost access to education. People in these areas sometimes have food to eat but most of the times they don’t. Chairman Al-Mustafa Welfare trust Mr.Abdul Razzaq Sajid met Iqra, A young girl, physically challenged, who cannot walk or speak but could only see her world mudding off by the flood. Now, it’s difficult for her family to manage her treatment or medicines. Weather would also take no time to turn as winter is here which will increase problems of people living road sides under the sky.

Al Mustafa Welfare trust is determined and putting all the efforts to bring happiness in the lives of those children by providing them necessary support.

According to DFS (Data Friendly space)

  • 84 districts are now classified as Calamity-hit by NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) Pakistan
  • 23900 schools damaged or destroyed in the floods country wide
  • The country is undergoing shortage of 2.6 billion tons of wheat.
  • Due to water stagnating, mosquitos have been proliferating, leading to significant increase in mosquito- borne diseases such as malaria and dengue. Over 2.7 million people have been treated for water borne diseases in flood hit region.
  • 57% of the refugee population does not have safe drinking water in their communities.
  • Provincial authorities have warned that it could take 3 to 6 months for the water to completely recede.

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