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In Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) runs a women’s livelihood project called ‘Industrial Home’.

To date, the project has provided widows, single mothers, and vulnerable women with the tools to earn their own living. Fakhara Saleem was one of these women.

Fakhara was widowed at the young age of 23, leaving her the sole breadwinner for her two young children. Through AMWT’s Industrial Home project, Fakahra first received training, learning to use a sewing machine and gaining new skills as a seamstress. When she became qualified, AMWT helped Fakhara establish her own tailoring business.

“I still remember when I couldn’t sleep properly at night, with the fear of how I was going to feed my children tomorrow,” says Fakhara. “Especially my youngest daughter, who was still depending on mother’s milk and baby food at the time. But now, Alhumdulillah, my business is not only allowing me to support my own family, I have got three more ladies working in my shop, who are also able to run their households with the salary they receive.”

Your Zakat transformed Fakhara’s life. When once she was dependent on Zakat, now she has become a Zakat giver. But there are many more women for whom your Zakat is a lifeline and an opportunity that will enable them to break out of poverty. This Ramadan, they rely on your generosity.

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