On this International Women’s Day, our heart goes out to Palestinian women living in Gaza, bravely facing the harsh realities of their very existence. As the world celebrates the achievements of women and commemorates gender equality, it's imperative to acknowledge that the fundamental rights of Palestinian women and girls have been overlooked for the past 3 decades.

Palestinian women are bearing an unequal burden, labeled by UN Women as a "War on Women" with profound and tragic repercussions. According to the Gaza Media Office, approximately 9,000 women have lost their lives, 23,000 have been injured, 2,100 are missing, 60,000 pregnant women lack access to necessary medical services, and 500,000 have been displaced. Countless Palestinian mothers experienced the heartbreaking loss of their children before their very eyes.

While everybody is celebrating and cutting cakes on International Women’s Day, women in Gaza are suffering for basic utilities. This International Women's Day serves as a reminder of the inequalities and challenges faced by women in conflict zones, underscoring the urgent support and donation for Palestine.

Let's take a closer look at the life of a woman living in Gaza. Every day, she wakes up not knowing if it might be her last, or which loved one she might lose today. She's desperately striving to obtain food and clean water to feed her kids and family. She lacks shelter as airstrikes keep destroying everything around her. It's a harsh reality she confronts every day, where every breath is a struggle and every step is fraught with risk.

Over the last five months of conflict, the women of Gaza have shown us what true courage looks like. Despite all the challenges, they've stayed strong, keeping faith and staying close to their families and homes. Just like women around the world, Palestinian women stand resilient, their voices echoing through the dust of conflict and the echoes of injustice. Each day, they fight against the tide of indifference, seeking recognition and dignity. It's time to listen and to acknowledge their hardship.

Al Mustafa Welfare Trust stands unwaveringly by the side of Palestinian women, extending a hand of compassion and support when needed most. As we witness the struggles of these resilient individuals, our determination only grows stronger. We're dedicated to providing them with essential supplies and assistance, ensuring that they never lose hope amid hardship.

Let’s stand with Palestinian women and girls, on this women’s day, who are struggling for their right to peace, freedom, and justice, reminding us of the essence of humanity.

Donate now with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust to support Palestinian women.

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