Without your support, Shukran Saeed would not be smiling today. She wouldn’t have a safe place to study, or friends and teachers who care for her.

Two years ago, Shukran Saeed’s father died of a heart attack, leaving six children and a young widow to fend for themselves. The family live in Lahore, where Shukran’s mother, Bisma Saeed, works as a tailor. She works hard to feed her children, but her income is very limited.

Worried about her children’s future, Bisma approached Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust (AMWT) for support. When we offered Shukran an orphan sponsorship, it was a godsend.

Today, Shukraan is 5 years-old and attending AMWT’s orphanage school in Muzaffarabad. Through her sponsorship, AMWT is also offering support to Shukran’s family by supplying them with regular food packs.

“By the grace of Allah SWT, AMWT has held our hand at a difficult time,” says Bisma, Shukran’s mother. “Otherwise it would have been impossible for me to provide a good future to my children”.

At AMWT, the primary focus of our Orphan Sponsorship Programme are orphan girls. Girls without guardians are defenceless against exploitation. Without protection, many fall prey to criminal gangs and child traffickers. That’s why we work to ensure they’re families are not left out in the cold. We strive to give them the tools for a better future in schools that offer them care and protection.

At AMWT we believe that the best investment we can make is in our children. Because they are the ones who will inherit the future we all share. Please, help us to ensure that children like Shukran grow up with the care, protection and opportunities that are every child’s right.




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