At AMWT, our Hafiz Sponsorship programme goes a long way. Not just for the children who benefit, but for the sponsors as well.

Many of AMWT’s donors sponsor a hafiz with the intention of providing for an underprivileged child’s Qur’an studies. Little are they aware that in most cases, these children are also orphans.

Salman Ahmad and his two sisters became orphans when their father passed away in a road accident. He was only 5 years-old then. Salman’s mother struggled to cope. She had no skills nor any other means to earn an income. With small children to care for, she was unable to work. But without an income she couldn't feed her children.

When our team in Quetta, Pakistan found Salman and his family, they were living in a squalid shanty. We moved them to better accommodation; gave them with clean clothing and medical assistance. To provide them with financial aid, we signed the children up for Orphan Sponsorship and Hafiz Sponsorship in the hopes that a sponsor could be found one way or the other. It wasn’t long after that Salman received a Hafiz Sponsorship, and was enrolled at a nearby school.

Salman Ahmad is 8 years-old now and doing very well in his Qur'an lessons. His sponsorship hasn't just empowered him with the means for a better future through education. It has also allowed us to continue providing regular support for his family. We supply them with food packs, free health-care and warm clothing in the winters.

By sponsoring a Hafiz with AMWT, you aren’t just giving a child the tools learn the Holy Qur'an. You’re also giving them a better future and securing their present.




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