Mohammad Zamir Ali’s family are poor farmers in Peshawar, Pakistan. The only boy out of six siblings, Mohammad Zamir’s father, Mohammad Gul, always had high hopes for his son. He wanted to send him to school so he could learn and memories the Holy Quran. But Mohammad Gul couldn’t afford an education for any of his children.

“I always dreamed that my son could do Hifz ul Quran, but it was difficult for me to afford school fees,” said Mohammad Gul, “But one day my friend told me there is a charity, Al Mustafa Welfare Trust, who is offering free Hafiz education.”

It wasn’t long after Mohammad Gul approached AMWT that we were able to find his son a sponsor. Today, Mohammaz Zamir has undertaken his Hafiz studies and a primary school education, simultaneously. At age 8 he shows so much zeal and hunger for learning, his teachers are convinced he will prove to be a model student.

At AMWT, we know the value of faith and the importance of preserving it. Our Hafiz Quran Sponsorship programme allows children from underprivileged communities to receive a religious education for free. While it allows our donors and Hafiz sponsors to partake in ongoing charity (Sadaqa Jariyah) and the furthering of Quranic wisdom.

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